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Expand Your Fitness With Yoga

Mettler Center is proud to offer a variety yoga classes included in membership, and we encourage you to take advantage of these offerings for stretching, strengthening, meditation, and as a platform to develop your overall well-being. If you would like to get started, we encourage you to try Gentle Yoga and/or Chair Yoga.

Another great option is our Private & Semi-Private Yoga Lessons. This popular format has gained interest from those new to yoga to those more advanced. Because we believe so strongly in the benefits of personalized yoga instruction, we are offering complimentary consultations. And this month only, save 20% off all Private and Semi-Private Yoga packages.
Paul Mettler, PT, DPT
8 Benefits of Private Yoga Lessons
8 Benefits of a Private Yoga Lessons
Spending one-on-one time with a Private Yoga Instructor is one of the best, most exciting ways to realize your potential. Here are the top reasons to do private or semi-private yoga lessons, some you may have never considered before.
  1. Accountability - Scheduling a specific time and having someone counting on you to be there makes skipping your practice a rare occurrence.
  2. Develop a Routine - Sometimes we know what to do, but we get bored. Other times, we may not have a clue where to begin. Either way, a Private Yoga Instructor can set you on a path to establish your discipline.
  3. A Fresh Perspective - Our yoga instructors are continuous learners, apprised of latest developments and happenings in yoga. How nice to have a go-to expert who can answer your questions!
  4. Injury Prevention - Private Instructors have a plethora of yoga poses, sequences, and stretches in their toolbox. Combining this knowledge with an understanding of your individual needs and restrictions, you get the advantage of an optimal session to increase fitness/flexibility while minimizing wear-and-tear on the structures of the body.
  5. Support - Private Yoga Instructors are here for you. They are successful when you are! Allowing them to encourage, mentor, and guide you in your wellness journey may be the best decision you ever make!
  6. Proper Technique & Form - Repetitively doing yoga or stretches incorrectly can be detrimental to your body. We could always use an extra set of eyes to make sure our bodies are moving how they should be.
  7. Personalized Program - Private Yoga Instructors are as diverse as the people they work with and will focus on your individual interests, goals, skills or concerns.
  8. Maximize Your Workout - Your body adjusts to the demands you place on it. Get the most from your yoga routine with the guidance of a professional. Can't find time to incorporate stretching? The dynamic stretches of yoga are the best kind, in terms of effectiveness and safety.
Offer expires: 2/29/16 
20% off
Save 20% on Private or Semi-Private Yoga Lesson package.

Upcoming Events 

View our class schedule for the most current information.
Save the Date -Member Potluck
You're invited to celebrate the arrival of spring with other Mettler members on Friday, April 1st at 12 noon. Stay tuned for sign-ups and more details.
Valentine's Day Couples Massage
Valentine's Day Couples Massages
Looking for a unique idea for you and your sweetheart? Reserve a relaxing, side-by-side couples massage on February 13th or 14th.

Only a few spots remain, so don't miss out. Book an hour-long session by calling Member Services today at 356-6543.
Partner Yoga & Thai Massage Workshop
Join us for a Partner Yoga & Thai Massage Workshop on Sunday, February 14th.

Partner Yoga, 1-2 pm
Connect, communicate, and build trust with a partner or friend while doing partner-based yoga poses, assisted stretching and balancing. All levels are welcome.

Thai Massage, 2:30-3:30 pm
A fun and relaxing experience while you learn passive stretching and acupressure techniques you can use at home on friends & family.

Please RSVP at Member Services or by calling 356-6543. Cost is $25/person or
$15/person for one session.
Kristin McCoy: Private Yoga 
We are excited to announce Kristin McCoy as the newest private yoga instructor. She is available on Mondays between 12-5 pm and Wednesdays between 12-3:30 pm. Book a Private Yoga lesson with Kristin online.
20% Off
Private Yoga 
Don't miss out! 20% off all Private and Semi-Private Yoga packages in February only!
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