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Make Your Own Momentum

As the saying goes, "days are long, but years are short," and we would agree. Last year flew by and 2015 is upon us. However, each new year can be a fresh start when you evaluate your health and wellness routine.


We at Mettler challenge you to shift your focus from fighting the old to building new habits and practices to make this coming year better than the last! We want to help you Make Your Own Momentum.


We invite you to let our experts be instrumental in your transformation in this coming year. Maybe 2015 is the year you enlist the help of a Registered Dietitian, Personal Trainer, Massage or Physical Therapist to jump start a lifestyle change.

Paul Mettler, PT, DPT
Getting to Know Our Registered Dietitian

Mindful Eating in 2015

Our bodies have the amazing capability of regulating energy intake to provide us with the right amount of calories and nutrients to meet our individual needs. This is accomplished through satiety cues or the feelings of hunger of fullness that are associated with eating.  The problem comes when we ignore these cues and eat for reasons other than hunger and stop eating for reasons other than fullness. Below are tips to get you started back on the path of mindful eating.

  1. Slow down and enjoy your food! It can take about 20 minutes for your stomach to send signals to your brain that you are full, so fast eating can easily lead to overeating. To help you slow down, put your fork down between bites and chew your food thoroughly. Spend your time and focus on savoring and enjoying each bite of food. 
  2. Don't eat while distracted. Try to eat all of your meals and snacks at the dinner table where you can focus on your meal. Turn off the television, computer, and phone, and focus on the meal (and good conversation) instead.  
  3. Put emotional eating in check. Keep a food and emotion diary to document what you are eating and WHY you are eating it. Write down if you are bored, stressed, depressed, or any other emotions that are affecting your decision to eat.
  4. Assess your hunger level before you eat. Rank your hunger level on a scale of 1-5 (with 1 being famished to 5 being stuffed), and make an effort to eat when your hunger is a level 2. Don't wait until you are famished to eat which may encourage you to overeat, and don't choose to eat foods just because they are available if your hunger level is only a 3 or above. Eating meals at regular times each day can help ensure your hunger level never gets too low.
  5. Stop eating before you are stuffed, preferably when your hunger level reaches a level 3 or 4. In addition to causing us to consume extra calories, overeating expands our stomach so we are more likely to consume extra calories at future meals too. To help you avoid overeating, stay away from buffets and all-you-can-eat places that entice you to "eat your money's worth." Put away leftovers so they are not sitting in front of you at the dinner table, and wait 5 minutes before deciding if you need a second helping. Consider serving dessert with the meal instead of after the meal which may encourage you to stuff yourself with extra food after you are already full!

Make an effort to be a more mindful eater in 2015!

Making Your Momentum

Starting January 12th, we are starting a new campaign to jump start your new year! Check out what's happening at Mettler Center that is FREE for members and non-members alike!

  • 30 Minute "Know Your Numbers" Assessment
    • Height/Weight
    • Body Fat Percentage
    • Body Max Index
    • Wrist/Waist Circumference 
    • Waist-to-Hip Ratio
  • Tasty Tuesday Talks Meets 9-9:30am in the lounge.
    • Revving Up Your Metabolism (1/13)
    • Getting Past the Plateau (1/20)
    • Staying on the Wagon: How to Sustain Positive Changes (1/27)
  • One-on-one Free Consultations with a Registered Dietitian or Personal Trainer.
Don't wait for your motivation to wane. Schedule a free fitness assessment or a consultation today.
Offer expires: 1/31/15
$5 off
Save $5 off the purchase of Why Weight Program.
One-time use. Not valid with other offers.


Upcoming Events 
Tasty Tuesdays

Refresh your mind before getting your sweat on! Attend Tasty Tuesdays at 9am and learn something health and wellness related that your future self will thank you for!

Jan 13 - Revving Up Your Metabolism
Michaela Kruse, RD, LDN
& Eddie Edwards, CPT
Can you really increase your metabolism to burn more calories between workouts? Find out what works and what doesn't.

Jan 20 - Getting Past the Plateau
Eddie Edwards, CPT
Everyone encounters plateaus in their pursuit of health and happiness. Learn why we stall and what to do about it.

Jan 27 - Staying on the Wagon: How to Sustain Positive Changes
Michaela Kruse, RD, LDN
You're seeing results but dread a return to old ways. Prepare in advance for when life pulls you in another direction.

Online Service
Coming Soon

We've recently upgraded our club management system and are excited to bring greater convenience to customers in the form of online services.


Be on the lookout for info on accessing your account and the following online features:


* Check attendance records
* Update account information
* Make payments on account
* Register for classes/programs
* Purchase session packages
* Schedule appointments 

Hot Yoga With a Twist
Hot Yoga
With a 'Twist'

Heat up your new year with Hot Yoga. Same great benefits, but with a creative twist.


Intro to Hot Yoga

   Mondays, 8pm, Kristina

Go With the Flow

   Mondays, 9am, Rotating

Cycle & Restore

   Thursdays, 6:30pm, Emily

Energize Your Tapas

   Sun., 4:30pm, Andy/Melissa

Body Sculpt

   Sundays, 6pm, Kathy


Classes begin the week of 1/25. Learn more.

New Balleyo
New Balleyo

Strengthen and lengthen muscles in this ballet-yoga combo class. Includes toning with light weights and body weight exercises such as plies and other basic ballet moves. Finish with deep yoga stretches. Suitable for all levels.

Begins Tuesday, January 13 at 5:40pm with Peggy, Randi, and Laura rotating as instructors

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