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    Celebrate Your Success This Year

Welcome to 2011! We're excited about the potential that the new year brings and hope you are too.

We're dedicated to helping you set realistic, achievable goals to make sure that you're successful in reaching your weight-loss resolutions. We have many wonderful personal trainers and a registered dietitian who is available to answer your questions and help meet your needs.

We also have several programs that will help you bring out your best self  whether you're a high school athlete who wants to get in shape for the season or a member who would like to lose weight. We're also proud to offer our many group classes that will allow you to challenge yourself in new ways, tapping into the mind-body connection through Pilates and yoga or building cardiovascular strength through cycling.

As you set and work toward your 2011 goals, please remember that our staff is available to help you meet your needs.Paul Mettler
Paul Mettler, PT, DPT
Join Mettler's Weight Loss Challenge
   Join Mettler's Weight Loss Challenge
Losing weight can be difficult, especially when you're working on your own. If you don't have a workout buddy to help you start the New Year off on a positive note, we have a way to keep you motivated and inspired: The Mettler Weight Loss Challenge.

During Mettler's 10-week Weight Loss Challenge, participants will work with Mettler's registered dietitian, who will provide nutrition advice, and several personal trainers, who lead exercise and fitness training.

Each participant will be placed on a team at either Mettler Center or Mettler Athletic. The teams will meet twice per week with a personal trainer and be given access to one group fitness class per week. Participants will also be given a Mettler Athletic or Mettler Center membership to use for the duration of the program.

Additionally, over the course of the program, the teams will receive one to three group sessions and two cooking courses with a registered dietitian. Each participant will also be given three private sessions and one grocery store tour with a registered dietitian. The registered dietitian will also be available via email throughout the course of the program.

Participants will be able to win weekly prizes for most weight loss during the weekly weigh-in.

Spots are limited. For more information call the Mettler Center.
    Are Resolutions Really Worth It? 
Each year, thousands of people make New Year's resolutions whether they want to quit smoking, lose weight, or eat more healthily.

Resolutions can be very productive. However, by mid-January, about 30 percent of people who have made resolutions have broken them. Fewer than half of those who set resolutions will make it past the six-month mark.

The reason so many people fail is simple: They don't think about their resolution long enough before they make them. To make New Year's resolutions you can keep, follow these steps:

Make sure your goals have a strong base. You need to be prepared for hard work, commitment, and sacrifice. You'll need to work hard, especially for the first month, so you'll need a good goal to work toward. This is why those who chose to lose weight for health reasons are more successful than those who are losing weight to fit into a certain pair of jeans.

Make resolutions specific. Losing 10 pounds is more concrete and easier to reach for and attain than losing weight.

Create a plan of attack. You need to know how you're getting from where you are right now to your goal. For example, are you going to find a workout buddy and work out three days a week? Or, do you need to meet with a personal trainer and nutritionist weekly?

Track your progress. Keep an exercise diary and food journal. Write down details so you can track your success and failures.

Do you need help reaching your resolution? Contact Mettler Center or Mettler Athletic to set up with one of our health and fitness experts. If you have a friend who may be interested in becoming a member, let them know that now is the time to join and save!

Mettler Center Specials
$50 off joining fee when you join January 7-14
$25 off joining fee when you join January 15-23

Mettler Athletic Specials (January 3-7)
No joining fees this week
4-month membership for $150
Offer expires: 01/31/11
Present this coupon for a 30-minute consultation with a Dietitian.
Nutrition Tip
of the Month
Lately, there's been a fascination with diets which eliminate entire food groups. For example, many Americans are slashing their carbohydrate intake. However, experts say you should never cut any food group out of your diet (including carbs) because then you're more likely to let your diet run amok when you finally cave and eat more than you ever would when you were eating more moderate amounts of a favorite food. More nutrition...
Upcoming Events
1/1      New Year's Day
1/3      Pre-Season Baseball
1/3      Pre-Season Softball
1/8      Pilates Fundamentals
1/8      Kids Cook
1/11    Qi Gong
1/11    Tai Chi for Health
1/13    Kettlebell
1/15    Yin/Yan Yoga
1/18    Grocery Store Tour
1/18    Jr. High Pre-Season
1/20    Everyday Cooking
1/29    Early Closing at 6pm
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Prevent Back and Shoulder Pain
The holidays are over, but there are still plenty of ways for aches and pains to creep into your life.

Whether you're putting away ornaments or cleaning up from the holidays, remember that when lifting:

Test an object's weight before attempting to lift it. If it seems too heavy, take smaller loads.

Keep the load close to your body when lifting.

Ask for help.

When shopping or making returns:

Distribute the weight of shopping bags equally on both sides of your body.

Wear comfortable shoes.

Don't carry overstuffed shopping bags for extended periods.

Avoid prime shopping times to decrease wait times.

If you have injured yourself, schedule a physical therapy consultation at the Mettler Center or Mettler Athletic.
Pre-Season Baseball and Softball Begins
Pre-Season Baseball and Softball Begins
Is your child a promising baseball or softball player who would like to improve his or her performance pre-season?

Check out Mettler Athletic's Pre-Season Baseball and Softball camps.

The Pre-Season Baseball and Softball programs are progressive camps held three times per week. During the two-hour sessions held over an eight-week period, the athletes will work with our certified and professional coaches.

Athletes ages 14-18 will add agility, durability, power, and speed to their games.

In addition to explosive ability and conditioning, athletes work with our baseball and softball skill instructors on hitting and throwing mechanics.

By working on both skills and fitness elements, we ensure that athletes who participate in our camps are competing at the highest level possible when try outs begin.

To learn about the different camps we offer, contact Mettler Athletic.

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