Regular Massage for Your Health

Do you have frequent headaches, chronic pain and/or tension, an injury that has changed the way your body feels and works? Are you tired of restricted movement? Do you have difficulty bending over to pick up your kids, or turning your neck to check your blind spot before changing lanes? If so, you deserve a plan of action.

Massage therapy can play a major role in this plan, but consider this:

Getting a massage on occasion is like going to the gym once in a while and expecting amazing results.

While a single massage can have a very positive effect, if there is much work to be done or a problem has existed for a long time, it may take several sessions to get your muscles to respond. Our muscles have memory. So, frequent massage during the initial stages of therapy helps your body establish reset patterns to hold the massage treatment longer.

Once your body is at a place of stability, you and your therapist can discuss a maintenance routine to help keep your body in optimum condition. While you may experience more soreness during the first few sessions, you will begin to achieve more freedom of movement as you approach your fifth and sixth sessions.

To help make regular massage therapy more affordable so you can experience its benefits, we have massage punch cards available—five sessions at a discounted price.

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