Preventive Physical Therapy & Work Conditioning




While physical therapy is often widely associated with recovery from vehicle accidents, injuries, and surgeries, this isn’t the only purpose it serves. Physical therapy offers individuals the opportunity to develop the strength and mobility they’ve always craved for their daily lives. Our preventive physical therapy and work conditioning in Champaign, IL, can help you conquer persistent aches and pains, generate smart exercising habits, mitigate chronic disease symptoms, and return to work fully prepared. Discover how we use these methodologies below.

Numerous Benefits of Preventive Physical Therapy

Using physical therapy as a preventive measure offers remarkable flexibility for a variety of needs. If you’ve recently noticed thar your range of motion is less than expected, our therapists know how to help you. If your body feels imbalanced or sore when you’re walking, taking the stairs, or doing anything normal for your daily life, these are difficulties that preventive methods are designed for.

Actions and Methodologies Used in Prevention

There are multiple preventive physical therapy methodologies that offer long-term effects for our clients. Stretches to improve flexibility, strength-focused exercises, and manual therapy implementation to reduce inflammation are all utilized. Remember, physical therapy is neither a one-size-fits-all approach nor a standalone “product” that’s separate from your lifestyle. Physical therapy is designed to give you the mental and physical tools to recover or embrace lifestyle habits that keep your body in robust and healthy physical condition.

Physical Therapy and Work Conditioning

Did you get injured in a role that requires frequent bodily exertion, walking, standing, lifting, carrying, or any other form of movement? Work conditioning physical therapy was made with you in mind. Working with therapists at Mettler Center will put you on the path to performing your job with the same or better strength and mobility as before. Through our work conditioning in Champaign, IL, we develop your flexibility, endurance, and physical capacity through individualized training, job simulation tasks, and thorough home exercise recommendations.

Developing a Customized Plan

At Mettler Center we understand that every client’s health condition, needs, and goals are unique, so one of the first steps we take is creating a plan that works for you. We want to address the concerns and obstacles that prompted you to come to us while simultaneously encouraging you to overcome what’s holding you back.

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