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4 Goals We Help You Achieve Through Post-Surgery PT


Going through a surgery is a demanding ordeal, and recovering afterward is often the bigger hurdle. While it may seem daunting to return to a pre-surgery physical activity level, the right approach and professional guidance makes this much easier. Working with experienced physical therapists allows the appropriate challenges to support your body’s natural desire to move, rather than remain in stasis. Read about four goals we help you achieve through post-surgery physical therapy in Champaign, IL, below. 

1. Greater Physical Mobility

Surgery is a significant undertaking and often results in sore spots or limited mobility. While you may think that keeping your mobility reduced is the right choice until the pain subsides, this is actually counterproductive in most cases. We offer our postoperative physical therapy services in Champaign, IL, to help you restore your daily mobility to a refreshing and enjoyable degree. This begins with an initial assessment that allows your therapist to develop a plan of action custom suited to you.

2. Fewer Aches and Pains

An operation can result in varying levels of postoperative pain, depending on how invasive the surgery was. While you may be tempted to lie low and wait for all of the pain to pass, gradually becoming active again is likelier to offer you the strongest recovery. The body’s natural response to illness is to try to heal itself, and when it comes to physical capacity, being active is your body’s natural state. Our staff employs therapy techniques that help your body return to an intuitive intensity of movement at a rate that works for your needs.

3. Enhanced Circulation

Another goal of postoperative physical therapy services in Champaign, IL, is improving your blood circulation. Blood is responsible for transmitting nutrients and oxygen throughout your body, which are essential components tissues need to heal. By gradually returning to a normal level of physical movement, your circulation is able to maximize its reach and efficacy.

4. Improved Muscle Function

After your operation, you may notice that your muscles aren’t as limber and responsive as they normally are. Your muscles not only equip you to lift heavy objects and perform difficult tasks, but they also assist breathing, regulate body temperature, and so much more. We’ll develop a customized recovery plan to help you get back to the daily levels of physical activity you enjoy!

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