aquatic therapy

Begin your rehabilitation in the pool.

aquatic therapyAquatic therapy provides a unique environment which allows patients to exercise earlier, more efficiently and more comfortably than a traditional, clinic setting. Aquatic therapy is ideally suited for post-surgical rehab, hip, knee & back, orthopedic injuries and joint/spine arthritis. Gain the benefits of aquatic therapy supervised by Mettler Center Physical Therapy.

Benefits of Aquatic Therapy:

  • Patients are often able to begin therapy sooner than with land-based exercises
  • Buoyancy creates less pressure upon weight-bearing joints such as hips and knees
  • Warm water provides relaxation to muscles/joints and promotes total body circulation
  • Resistance of water helps muscles gain strength more safely

What pool do we use?
Mettler Center has a partnership with the Stephens Family YMCA to use their warm water therapy pool. This pool is separate from the lap pools they have and the water is kept around 91–92 degrees at all times.

How long are sessions?
Our aquatic therapy program is currently only offered through physical therapy. The first session is the evaluation, and that will be 60 minutes long and is done at our Mettler Center location. Each subsequent session for the pool will most generally be 60 minutes as well. The physical therapist will determine how many sessions are needed.

What is the cost?
Aquatic therapy done in physical therapy is often covered by your insurance provider. Depending on what your insurance coverage is will determine your out-of-pocket costs. We do accept most insurances, including Medicare.

How do I begin aquatic therapy?
In order to participate in aquatic physical therapy, you will have to have a prescription from your doctor that states aquatic, hydro- or pool therapy, in addition to the diagnosis.

Complications from an episode of very debilitating pneumonia left me with severe deconditioning overall, and chronic muscle tightness in my legs. Pool therapy proved the most effective way to build up my strength and stamina, while relaxing tightened leg muscles. Jasmine Evans and Peggy Hau provided customized treatment for each hour-long appointment, always first assessing my current condition. Their professional approach and encouraging care gave me the hope that I needed to persevere. I began my treatment using a walker, able to walk only a short distance. Now I can swim for nearly an hour, ride my bicycle for several miles, and hike close to two miles on easy terrain. Thank you, Peggy and Jasmine!


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