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Our team of highly-skilled therapists incorporate a variety of advanced manual therapy techniques to provide better therapy outcomes for our patients.

Dermal-Fascial RestorationDermal-Fascial Restoration
DFR℠ is a manual therapy technique used to target and release adhesive scar tissue which fundamentally contributes to musculoskeletal pain and impairment.

Astym TreatmentAstym® Treatment
Astym is a manual therapy treatment used to regenerate healthy soft tissues and reduce unwanted scar tissue causing pain and restriction.

Trigger Point Dry NeedlingTrigger Point Dry Needling
TDN is an intramuscular manual therapy method used to treat pain and restore function.

Whereas many therapy clinics seem to ignore soft tissue dysfunctions such as adhesive scar tissue, we view myofascial pain as a common, treatable disorder which is a component of most conditions. And we pride ourselves as specialists in treating myofascial pain and connective tissue problems.

The Complete Approach

While these specialized manual therapy techniques can produce remarkable results, they represent only one form of physical therapy used by Mettler therapists. The combination of manual therapy with traditional therapy methods are used to dramatically improve the rate and magnitude of recovery, and constitute the complete approach used in the Mettler Method®.

A patient's treatment plan typically includes:

  • Specialized manual therapy
  • Joint mobilization
  • Postural correction
  • Therapeutic exercise in many forms and progressions
  • Modalities as needed — ultrasound, electrical stimulation, and forms of these
  • Structured home exercise plans
  • Client education

Pool Therapy

Mettler Therapy now offers aquatic therapy as a physical therapy modality. Also referred to as aquatic therapy or hydrotherapy, the water offers an excellent therapeutic setting in which exercise and rehabilitation can be carried out. Learn more about the benefits of aquatic therapy.

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