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We provide superior care and deliver exceptional outcomes.

APTA, AACP, AAPM membershipsWe know you have choices regarding where you send your patients for continued care and rehabilitation. Mettler—one of the only private physical therapy providers in the Champaign-Urbana area—has been providing physical therapy services for over 25 years. We have an exceptional team of physical therapists and massage therapists.

Our therapists can provide a wide variety of treatment for your patients including specialized manual therapy techniques. Physical therapy can benefit anyone who has a connective tissue problem, such as those due to:

  • scars
  • immobilization
  • radiation therapy
  • postural connective tissue adaptation
  • joint dysfunction
  • muscle spasms
  • trauma
  • chronic pain
  • women’s health issues
  • neuromuscular conditions
  • other acute or chronic injuries that have not responded to other forms of physical therapy or medical treatments, including:
    • whiplash
    • tendonitis
    • low back pain
    • groin injuries
    • swimmer’s shoulder
    • carpal tunnel


To refer a patient:

  • Download a patient referral form
  • Or, call us at (217) 398-9800 and ask to speak with Alysia Armstrong (our patient accounts manager).

Your patient will usually be seen no more than two days after your referral—if possible, we try to get him or her in for treatment and evaluation the same day. (If you’re not sure about the best plan of care for your patient, you can refer him or her to us for a consultation.)

Once we evaluate your patient, we’ll discuss our findings with you so we can mutually determine the best plan of care.


At least every 4–6 weeks (or as often as you wish), we’ll provide you with an update on your patient’s progress. You may call or email Mettler for periodic updates, too.


Anecdotally, we’ve come to expect great patient satisfaction and clients willing to refer friends and family to us all the time. We’re currently collecting data from each client with body-specific questionnaires at initial evaluation and at discharge. This data will then be used for outcome studies to concretely show what we’ve seen to be true—very positive outcomes.

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