Physical Therapy for Sports Injuries in Champaign, IL



Experiencing an injury, whether sports-related or in daily life, is never enjoyable and almost always unexpected. Given this reality, not all injuries have to be treated with surgeries alone or complex recovery plans. Mettler Center provides physical therapy for sports injuries and other unexpected scenarios in Champaign, IL, and we do so with a mindset of comprehensive recovery. Learn more about our process below.

Physical Therapy Is Integral To Full Recovery

Mettler Center emphasizes the importance of using regular physical therapy as an integral part of any bodily recovery process. While surgery absolutely serves a purpose in restoring and healing daily and athletic functionality, without physical therapy, it’s difficult to holistically return to your normal way of life. Our therapists work with our clients to guide them through time-tested and cumulative forms of exercise, strength improvement, flexibility, acute pain reduction, and more.

Types of Injuries We Can Help With

Physical therapy for sports injuries is so useful because it can be adapted to a wide variety of needs. Whether you’ve recently sprained your ankle, pulled your hamstring, broken a limb, suffered a bone fracture, or experienced any other injury, we can help. The team of therapists at Mettler Center will ask questions and perform evaluations to understand the nature of your injury and the scope of symptoms you have experienced.

Cost Benefits of Physical Therapy for Injuries

While it does take time and often some financial investment to recover from an injury, that doesn’t mean it needs to break the bank. Leveraging our physical therapy for sports injuries in Champaign, IL, is a cost-effective way to help your body return to its pre-injury state. By using physical therapy to coax your affected area(s) out of pain and back into a normal range of motion, you can enjoy your regular schedule again sooner without the drawbacks of invasive surgery.

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