Physical Therapy for Chronic Pain




Have you gone through an acute injury that still causes you pain today? Is there a bodily movement you engage in that seems to cause tightness? Our professionally trained staff knows how to help. There are multiple treatment methodologies we employ to assist our clients in achieving freedom from chronic pain. Learn about five proven types of physical therapy for chronic pain we employ at Mettler Center below.


Often seen as the most popular form of physical therapy, exercise plays a prominent and commonplace role in chronic pain reduction. Exercise is powerful because your brain is communicating to your muscles and bodily functions that you can tolerate increasing levels of exertion. As you can increase movement in the area that you were experiencing pain, you’re gradually telling your body that this movement is okay and pain won’t restrict it.

Strength Improvements

Incrementally pushing yourself to lift heavier weights and accomplish more difficult physical tasks is another method we employ. With the help of various therapists at Mettler Center, we will develop a customized plan for you and your needs. While we won’t ask you to do anything extreme, this element of therapy is designed to challenge you to go outside of your comfort zone. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to see how well this works when you fully commit your mind and body!

Increasing Flexibility

Wanting to reap the benefits of a nimble body isn’t just a fantasy! Mettler Center therapists are committed to helping you achieve or return to an abundant level of flexibility. By working through the flexibility exercise we coach you with, you may even be able to prevent many types of chronic pain—both now and later in life.


Massaging tissue is one of the oldest forms of pain relief, which is used to lessen tightness and tension in bodily tissues. This technique is often used to increase blood flow and relax muscles in the shoulders, arms, neck, or back. Our therapists at Mettler Center utilize this technique when our clients’ specific needs warrant it.

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