Physical Therapy Check-Ups?


Just like you see your medical doctor each year for an annual check-up; you can do the same with a physical therapist. Your physical therapists can give you insight on how your body moves.

How to preserve your strengths?

How to manage areas of limitation or pain?

Even minor musculoskeletal issues that go unaddressed often progressively get worse. A physical therapist can guide you as you navigate an active lifestyle and every day activities to maintain wellness and reduce the likelihood of injury or regression.


The Daily Grind

You do not need a precipitating event like a car accident or surgery to justify physical therapy. Many of the ongoing daily demands we all encounter are enough.

For example, the peak force exerted on the hip joint during walking is between 1.8 and 3.8 times the individual’s body weight. Any force greater than 3 times body weight increases the joint’s risk of early degeneration. If even one muscle decreases in its function across the joint, the compression force across the cartilage can exceed 4 times an individual’s body weight.

As you can see, life puts many stressors on our bodies:

  • Our occupations when we are sitting or standing all day or working at a computer.
  • If your job requires repetitive movement or heavy lifting you are most likely very aware of the strain you endure.
  • While at home, we carry around our kids, do house & yard chores, and then exercise or pursue hobbies that physically challenge our bodies as well.
  • Do you ever feel stressed or tense? Your nervous system tends to store your life experiences (i.e. stress) in your physical body, particularly in the connective tissue or fascia.
  • All activities result in stress on the body and that stress must be absorbed somewhere. Muscles play a large role in this absorption, but if there is weakness, the surrounding muscles will not be able to do their job and the risk of early joint degeneration increase.

Your Physical Therapist

Because life throws a lot our way, it only makes sense to be proactive in caring for your physical wellness. Just like you designate a primary care doctor, we encourage you to do the same in establishing a doctor of physical therapy. Someone you enjoy and trust, who can see you through various seasons of life and will be a resource you utilize routinely.


Working with a physical therapist is the best strategy to maintain musculoskeletal integrity and functional movement over your lifetime. Then when issues arise, a truly great physical therapist will find the root cause of your trouble and not just treat the symptoms. You only get one body. Let us help you reach your highest potential and have the best quality of life possible.


Physical Therapist, Dr. Matthew Gordon, PT, DPT

Matthew Gordon, PT, DPT  is a licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy at Mettler Center. 

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