rehab fitness

Reclaim your health with rehab fitness.

Rehab fitness is an inexpensive alternative to physical therapy. It’s a specialized program that concentrates on corrective exercise. Working in tandem with our physical therapists, our Corrective Exercise Specialists will design a specific program for you.

Rehab fitness can be beneficial for patients released from physical therapy, as well as individuals who feel nagging pain and discomfort during everyday physical activity.

You may find rehab fitness helpful if you deal with:

  • Lower back pain
  • Shin splints
  • Shoulder pain
  • Chronic knee pain
  • Muscle tightness
  • Balance issues

This program focuses on preventative rehab. Clients will be screened through a thorough functional assessment in which compensation patterns and muscle imbalance will be identified. From there, each client will work through a corrective exercise program to eliminate dysfunctional movement patterns.

This program focuses on bringing physical therapy clients who have been released back to full functional capacity. After consulting with the physical therapist, the Corrective Exercise Specialist will integrate therapeutic exercise with more advanced training so the client can regain functional capacity they had prior to injury.

If you think rehab fitness may be right for you, call Mettler at 217-356-6543 to book a free rehab fitness consultation.

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