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Our results speak for themselves.

I was very skeptical about the benefits of the Power Plate. In addition I have had both knees replaced and was concerned about possible damage to them. After working with Jackie on the machine, my attitude has changed completely. My knees feel the best they have in a long time and the muscles around the knees have been strengthened. My muscle tone and flexibility as well as my balance have been improved and I am now a firm believer in the benefits of the Power Plate.

—Jay Cox

A little over a year ago I began exercising on the Power Plate with the help of a personal trainer. I have mild loss of nerve sensation in my feet and legs (neuropathy) and restless leg syndrome. The Power Plate has greatly reduced the numbness and tingling and the restlessness of my legs allowing a better night's sleep.


The Power Plate, in my opinion, has helped by Fibromyalgia, more than any other equipment. My personal beliefs of the Power Plate: Less pain; longer strides when walking; less tightness in calves of legs; upper and lower back is more pliable … I highly recommend the Power Plate for anyone who suffers with Fibromyalgia and/or Myofascial Pain Syndrome.

—Jacqueline S. Miller

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