power plate

Step up to the Plate.

The Power Plate® stimulates a rapid, reflexive muscle response up to 50x per second improving and enhancing:

  • Functional performance and muscle activation
  • Gait and locomotion
  • Postural alignment and core control
  • Balance, stability and proprioceptive awareness
  • Range of motion
  • Circulation of blood and lymphatic fluid
  • Recovery and regeneration through hormone release

The Advanced Vibration Technology™ concept behind the Power Plate machine was first used by Soviet cosmonauts in the 1960s, to counteract the loss of muscle and bone density caused by the zero gravity conditions in space. In the 1990s, Dutch Olympic trainer Guus van der Meer adapted and improved the technology, first for the use by elite athletes and then for everyday users.

Mettler Center offers one-on-one Power Plate training and Power Plate Training², so you can train with a friend or spouse for added support and accomplish your goals together at a discounted rate.

Shake up your workout with the proven benefits of whole body vibrational training.

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