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Different services for everyone's needs and budget.

Our programs are designed to help you realize total health and wellness no matter your body type, age, or ability.

Personal Training
Mettler’s personal trainers give you one-on-one assistance to help you feel and look your best. You’ll achieve results safely and effectively through a combination of cardiovascular, resistance, and flexibility exercises matched to your goals and abilities in a 45-minute session. Individualized motivation and accountability are what make this format a popular choice—you’ll set goals with your trainer to stay accountable and on track with your progress. One-on-one training can be purchased as a single session or in 5, 10, or 15 packs.

Power Plate® Vibration Training
Shake up your workout with the proven benefits of whole body vibrational training. Vibration training is a gentle and effective mode of exercise that utilizes tri-directional movements to increase muscle strength, blood circulation, bone density, decreases pain, and improve balance and circulation. Power Plate Personal Training Packages are designed for one-on-one private sessions with a certified Power Plate trainer. You’ll experience specific programming for strengthening, endurance, or relaxation, as well as special conditions such as plantar fasciitis, fibromyalgia, and many others. Learn more about Power Plate training at Mettler.

At Home Training
At Home Personal Training is perfect for those who want to workout in the privacy and comfort of their own home. A certified personal trainer will come and work on your fitness needs. Fitness equipment is not required. Train with a spouse or friend for added support and accountability.

Train with a Friend…or Five!
Save with Semi-Private Training.

Training² (Two-Person)
Train with a friend or spouse for added support—and accomplish goals together at a discounted rate. Training² is perfect for those who enjoy working with a partner and also value the professional direction of a personal trainer. Whether fitness levels are similar or considerably different, a Mettler trainer can guide you both through appropriate routines that ultimately lead to reaching your goals. These 45-minute sessions can include cardiovascular, strength, and flexibility training. Training² can be purchased as a single session or in 5 or 10 packs.

Power Plate Training² (Two-Person)
Train simultaneously on the Power Plate with a friend or spouse to hold each other accountable to exercise regularly. You'll reach your goals together and save money in the process. No matter if your fitness levels are similar or considerably different, a Power Plate Certified Master Trainer will guide you both through routines appropriate to you. These 30-minute sessions are excellent for improving strength, stability, and bone density. Power Plate Training² can be purchased in 5 or 15 packs.

Small Group Personal Training (3-5 Participants)
Work with a group of co-workers or friends to accomplish individual goals together. Small Group training is led by a certified personal trainer in a private training room. Sessions may incorporate strength, cardio, flexibility exercises designed to benefit everyone's needs. Your workouts will be tracked and monitored so that you will be progressed at your own rate to ensure personal success! Small Group Personal Training package is sold in 10 packs of 45-minutes training sessions.

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