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*NEW* Virtual Training Sessions

Using the equipment you have at home, your trainer will adapt or create a program for you. Please message or call for more information.

*NEW* Virtual Private Yoga Sessions

Please message or call for more information or to schedule a free consultation. 217-356-6543


Mettler Personal Training

Mettler’s Personal Training enables you to chase your passions and meet life’s demands and challenges, no matter your age or ability.

Develop the strength, endurance, and flexibility needed to pursue what matters most to you.

COVID-19 has forced us all to adapt, and we believe we can serve you better by rethinking the way we approach training. We are giving you more options, not only for your safety but for your convenience as well with both in-person and virtual options.

Nothing should stop you from improving your life.
Check out the options below.

Training Programs

Our programs are designed to help you realize total health and wellness no matter your body type, age, or ability.


*New* Virtual Training

Train online from your home!

Rehab Fitness

Concentrates on corrective exercises pre or post-therapy

Outdoor Training

Using equipment outside for fresh air and a creative workout

At Home Training

The trainer comes to YOU at home!

Sports Conditioning

Speed, agility, strength, and power

Small Group Personal Training (3-5)

Accomplish individual goals together (only available outdoors at this time)

Personal Training

One-on-one training inside the facility or outdoors

Power Plate Vibration Training

Using tri-directional movements


If you are exploring whether personal training may be beneficial for you, book a free personal training session to get started.

Have a question we haven’t answered? Click below and ask away!

How do I start personal training during COVID-19?

Whether you’re an active exerciser or new to a fitness routine, start with a free 30 minute consultation, which can be done in-person or virtual, with one of our certified personal trainers.

Is Gym Access Available?

As we enter Phase 4, we are excited to announce Mettler Center will once again offer complimentary gym access to active personal training clients starting Monday, June 29! Please talk with your trainer or schedule a free consultation for more information.

All clients will need to meet with their trainer prior to coming in solo for gym access.

Active personal training clients are those who work out with a trainer at least twice a month or every other week.

What do I need to know to use gym access?

All clients must meet with a trainer before using gym access.

Gym access is a complimentary service offered to active personal training clients, individuals who meet with a trainer at least twice a month.

Gym Access Guidelines:

  • Please make sure to scan in.
  • Everyone will need to have their temperature taken and wear a mask.
  • You will be responsible for cleaning the equipment you use thoroughly.
  • Please follow social distancing guidelines, remember to sanitize or wash your hands frequently, and stay home if you are experiencing any symptoms (fever, dry cough, etc.)
  • Please bring your own water bottle and a sweat towel as Mettler Center will not have water fountains, lockers, showers, towels available at this time. Eventually, we will slowly bring these things back in stages, starting with towels.
  • All clients will need to meet with their trainer prior to coming in solo for gym access.
What are different ways I can train during COVID-19?

We have four excellent options for resuming personal training or having a fresh start.

  1. At Mettler: in a studio room or in the gym at a safe distance from others.
  2. Outside Fitness: where you meet your trainer at MC and then take your workout outdoors. We can’t think of a better all-around option of getting in-person attention while enjoying the sunshine in a private setting.
  3. In-home Training: we come to you if you live within 5-10 miles of Mettler Center.
  4. Virtual personal training: via a video platform. We will make the process simple and stress-free where you can work with any of the trainers from the comfort of your own home. Try it out and see what you think!
Can I still workout in a group during COVID-19?


Duet Training can be done inside or outdoors if you’re from the same household.

Group Training and Duet Training is available for people from different households as an outdoors only option at this time, weather permitting.

Virtual options are available with the availability of your trainer.

What can I expect if I'm coming to the center for training during Phase 3?

We have a waiver that we will be asking all clients to sign. Your personal trainer will do a temperature check prior to starting your session.

We ask that you:

  • wear a mask,
  • maintain social distancing,
  • bring your own towel and water bottle.

The touchless refillable water stations will be available to all, but we ask that you do not drink out of the water fountains. The locker room and showers will not be available for use at this time.  The restrooms are available for use and there’s a place to put your belongings.

How will social distancing be maintained?

Only personal trainers and physical therapists with their respective clients/patients and essential office staff will be in the building. We are continuing to suspend extracurricular gym access to minimize traffic and stay in compliance with state guidelines.

For personal training clients, exercise zones have been created.  Only one trainer and his/her client are allowed in each zone.  Your trainer will be mindful of social distancing throughout the entirety of your visit to the facility.

What are your cleaning practices?

Our facility is CDC compliant.

  • Surfaces in the waiting areas and on the fitness floor are regularly being wiped down and sanitized.
  • All staff wash their hands in-between clients using soap and water, and are regularly using hand sanitizer.
  • All gym surfaces (to include door handles, fitness equipment, etc) are being sprayed daily with virucide disinfectant.
  • Fitness staff is cleaning equipment between clients and washing hands repeatedly.
  • Disinfectant wipes, sprays, and hand sanitizer are available throughout the facility for clients to use at any time.
Do you have contactless payment options?

Yes! Clients can pay securely over the phone or with the card we have on file.
Clients can also pay in-person at Mettler Center.

Do I need to wear a mask while working with a personal trainer?

We are asking all personal training clients to wear a mask upon entering the facility.  If you do not have one to wear in, we can provide one for you.  If you are unable to wear a mask for medical reasons, your trainer will make arrangments for you to be a safe distance from others.

What types of personal training does Mettler Center do?

We provide training options for all types of people and their goals. Our trainers have the skills and experience to program proper exercise for athletic endeavors, rehabilitation, youths, weight loss, many medical conditions, older and elderly populations, and others.

Have a specific question about training or what we offer? Ask us!

Why should I workout with a personal trainer?

Whatever your goals, personal training provides structure, accountability, results, variety, and motivation. Here are some other reaons:

  • Improve overall fitness
  • Reach or maintain a healthy weight
  • Focus on your unique health concerns
  • Exercise correctly
  • Learn new skills and exercises
What is the training atmosphere and environment like?
Comfortable, professional, and un-intimidating. There is plenty of floor space for functional or dynamic exercises when needed and several studios available for private lessons and group training. There is no general membership base, so most of our gym space is designed for personal training usage.
How often do I meet with my trainer?

That’s up to you and your trainer. Your goals and preference will be the driving factors and direct your trainer’s recommendation.

Active personal training clients, those who train with a trainer at least twice a month or every other week, receive complimentary gym access. Speak with a trainer for more information.

What types of equipment is used?
We have most everything expected from a gym: treadmills, ellipticals, machine weights, dumbbells, resistance bands, medicine balls, suspension straps, jump boxes, etc. We also have some unique pieces, such as the NuStep, Keiser air pressure resistance machines, battle ropes, and Power Plates.
What is the Power Plate?

The Power Plate stimulates a rapid, reflexive muscle response up to 50x per second improving an enchancing:

  • Functional performance and muscle activation
  • Gait and locomotion
  • Postural alignment and core control
  • Balance, stability, and proprioceptive awareness
  • Range of motion
  • Circulation of blood and lymphatic fluid
  • Recovery and regeneration through hormone release


Meet Your Personal Trainer

Mettler’s personal trainers are certified.  They continuously refine their skills and maintain their certifications through continuing education credits accrued every two years.

Bart Lindsay, MS, CPT, CES, CAFS, 3DMAPS

Bart Lindsay, MS, CPT, CES, CAFS, 3DMAPS

Personal Training Coordinator

Deb Lay, MS, CPT, CES, OES

Deb Lay, MS, CPT, CES, OES

Personal Trainer

Emily Sawlaw, AFAA-CPT

Emily Sawlaw, AFAA-CPT

Personal Trainer

Jason Yoon, NASM, CPT

Jason Yoon, NASM, CPT

Personal Trainer

Jackie Schweighart, MS, CPPT, CMT

Jackie Schweighart, MS, CPPT, CMT

Personal Trainer

Monica Towner, NASM, CPT

Monica Towner, NASM, CPT

Personal Trainer

Jami Kohlmann, CPT, CES, CAFS, LMT, CLT

Jami Kohlmann, CPT, CES, CAFS, LMT, CLT

Personal Trainer, Massage Services Coordinator

Anthony Hanners, NSCA-CPT

Anthony Hanners, NSCA-CPT

Personal Trainer


“I could say many good things about my trainer, Bart Lindsay, but the two things I value most are his knowledge and his thought in planning my workouts to fit my needs. His knowledge of physiology means that he understands and explains how doing an exercise in a slightly different way strengthens and benefits a different set of muscles. He has done much to help me strengthen my ankle and improve balance and agility, while also strengthening muscles that will keep me functioning and mobile. You can’t put a high enough value on that kind of training and the benefits it brings. Bart is the greatest and the Mettler Center is such a wonderful asset to our community!”


“I was very skeptical about the benefits of the Power Plate. In addition I have had both knees replaced and was concerned about possible damage to them. After working with Jackie on the machine, my attitude has changed completely. My knees feel the best they have in a long time and the muscles around the knees have been strengthened. My muscle tone and flexibility as well as my balance have been improved and I am now a firm believer in the benefits of the Power Plate.”


“Jami Taylor is my personal trainer. I came to Jami with injury issues to my shoulder and wrists. I have had physical therapy for these injuries at Mettler, which was very successful. Recognizing these past issues, I wanted to learn how to get stronger, without re-injury. Jami has taken on this challenge with dedication, imagination and a sense of humor. I have already seen an increase in strength in a few weeks. I have also asked her to be available at a very early hour, and she has taken this in stride, as well. I cannot say enough about how pleased I am with Jami.”


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