Starting June 1st Personal Training at Mettler Center is available. Train in the facility, outdoors, or virtually from the comfort of your home, and we can even come to you with in-home training.

We provide and you decide what’s right for you. The next new normal is here. We are offering many training options so you decide when and how you would like to get involved.

In-Person Training

Train at Mettler Center in a studio room or on the fitness floor a safe distance from others.

Your trainer will be especially mindful of social distancing throughout the entirety of your visit. To make this a reality – marked exercise zones have been created where only one trainer and his/her client are allowed in each area.  

Finally, our facility is CDC compliant with exercise equipment being cleaned immediately prior to and after each individual usage.

Outdoor Training

Our favorite new option is where you meet your trainer at MC and then take your workout outdoors. Weather permitting, we cannot think of a better all around option of social distancing, enjoying the sunshine, and adding variety to your sessions.

Virtual Training

You can meet with your personal trainer over high-resolution video and audio, getting the coaching you need from the safety of your home.

Our goal is to make the experience simple and stress-free. We will handle all logistics and plan to talk you through what to expect.

Your trainer can tailor sessions based on your preferences, equipment you have, and the amount of space.

In-Home Training

If you live within 5-10 miles of Mettler Center, we will come to you. This is a convenient option to reduce your exposure so you never have to leave your house but still get benefits of in-person training.


In-person, outdoor, and virtual training all fall within our standard personal training pricing. However, in-home training does have a slightly different rate. Please check out our pricing guide here.

How do I get started?

Schedule an in-person or virtual free consultation by calling 217-356-6543 or request an appointment online. 

 We are looking forward to working with you! 

Bart Lindsay MS, CPT, CES, CAFS, 3DMAPS is the Personal Training Coordinator at Mettler Center.

Call 217-356-6543 to schedule a free 30-minute consultation with a personal trainer.

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