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Feel your best both mentally and physically
with massage therapy.

Reopening Plan

Watch as Jeff Schroder, Vice President of Operations and Marketing takes you on a tour of the facility

1. Physical Therapy: Will continue to serve with both in-person and telehealth options available.

2. Personal Training: Starting Monday, June 1st, Personal Training will be available with new training options to choose from. Complimentary gym access will resume on June 29th! All clients must speak with your trainer first.
Watch a video update from Bart Lindsay, Personal Training Coordinator

3. Massage Therapy: Mettler’s massage services will be fully reopened starting June 29. Massage Therapy Coordinator, Jami Kohlmann, goes through some massage updates and the check-in process. Watch now!

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Learn how physical therapy, massage therapy, and personal training can make a difference in your life.

Physical Therapy

Helping you feel better and do more of what you love.

Massage Therapy

Changing the way you feel by relaxing and reducing stress.

Personal Training

Guiding you toward optimal fitness and health.


Physical Therapy

One-on-one specialized care to help you return to living with less or no pain.


Massage Therapy

Change the way you feel. Massage offerings to help you relax, manage pain, and reduce stress.


Personal Training

Helping you to feel your best with the motivation to maintain an active lifestyle.

What We Do

We’re about transforming lives in the Champaign-Urbana community and empowering you to do what you love. We focus on your unique abilities and personal goals to formulate a wellness plan that’s best for you. Our holistic approach helps to improve your body, adapt your habits, and achieve what you never thought possible.

Over the years we’ve come to develop our philosophy of whole-life fitness. We’ve built our services and expertise to offer a wide variety of opportunities for your body, mind, and soul. We provide innovated care so you can get over your pain, injury, or fitness slump and get back to your life. A happier, healthier you.

Founded in 1990

Based on principles of personalized care and positive results, Mettler Center has been helping people transform their lives for over 20 years.

We love hearing from you

“My care and treatment at Mettler was superb. After two treatments, I knew I was on the road to recovery.


“Thanks to all my Mettler team
for making my recovery from back surgery much easier.”


“Mettler takes you where you
are and moves you to where you want to be.”



Bodywork Effects on the Central Nervous System

Bodywork Effects on the Central Nervous System

How often do you think of your nervous system? Ironically, most people never do! But it’s always busy working to keep you moving, alive, and able to function in many different ways in your life.  It never stops, not even when you’re sleeping.  It is constantly...

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Keys to Weight Management Part 1

Keys to Weight Management Part 1

Weight loss and obesity hit home for me. I have had several family members and close friends who have struggled continuously with managing their body composition. I too as a young boy was on the heavier side. It’s easier for me to relate or empathize with people who share a similar story.

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5 Benefits of Personal Training

5 Benefits of Personal Training

Scheduling a specific time and having someone counting on you to be there makes skipping workouts a rare occurrence. Personal trainers are here for you. They are successful when you are! Allowing them to encourage, mentor, and guide you in your fitness journey may be the best decision you ever make!

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