“So many people are finding they are getting weak from disuse.”

On the ESPN radio show, “The Drive with Lon Tay & Derek Piper,” Doctor of Physical Therapy, Matthew Gordon, talks with Lon about the approaching cold season and urges people to find reasons to be physically active or to come in for a free movement consultation. 

Listen below!

“You’re not going to realize you’re weak when you’re not doing stuff.”

Right now people are doing less.

Moving less.

Using their body less.

This is leading to disuse, atrophy of muscles, deconditioning, and pain in the neck and back from not moving and being on the computer all day.

It’s very important for people to find a reason to start being active again and to continue physical activity.

Otherwise, you’re going to realize you’re weak when you go to do something, and that’s when an injury is going to occur. An injury that has to be rehabbed before you can start building your endurance, your strength, and your motion up again.

It’s never too late to start something new.

Come in for a free movement assessment. Come in for a free personal training consult. Let us help you prevent injuries and from losing muscle.

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Matthew Gordon, PT, DPT  is a licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy and Senior Physical Therapist at Mettler Center. 

Call 217-398-9800 to schedule a free 30-minute consultation with a physical therapist.

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