Meet the RD!

Hi there! I’m Jenny—Registered Dietitian (RD), and full-time wife & mom! 


I’ve been a RD for going on about 8 years after obtaining my Masters in Dietetics from Eastern Illinois University. My drive to become a RD started in high school during a Careers class where we were encouraged to think about our college & career goals. I've always had an interest in nutrition and the foods I ate because of numerous sports activities throughout high school; I could feel this career calling my name. To gain a better understanding of what being a RD was all about, I shadowed experienced RDs and also worked part-time at a health club as well as in the dietary department of the local community hospital. After earning my degree, I worked in a variety of settings, which included acute care hospitals, consulting in long term care, outpatient counseling, and now I’ve made my way to you as the Mettler Center RD! I’ve always had a passion working individually with clients to achieve their health & nutrition goals, and so I am thrilled to be able to do just that here at Mettler. 

Family Life

I’ve been living in the Champaign area for over 8 years and feel completely at home here—such a friendly & welcoming community! My husband, Josh, and I welcomed our first daughter, Hagen, in March 2018. She’s the absolute joy of our life and the little sister to a rambunctious bulldog named Opie. As a wife and new mom, I know life can get hectic, and we often find ourselves or our health falling toward the bottom of our priority list. My life has changed in so many ways after having Hagen, but I’ve continued to keep a focus on making healthy food choices and the health of myself & my family at the top of my priority list. For me, preparing healthy meals throughout the week, having nutritious snacks handy in the kitchen, and making time for myself to enjoy a workout most days of the week are ways I keep my health, as well as my family’s health, in check. I don’t expect my choices or my life to be perfect, and I strive to live with some flexibility—just like I encourage my clients to do! One word you’ll likely hear me say often is “moderation” —too much of anything, can be a bad thing and so we have to give ourselves a break once in a while & enjoy life. 


As your Mettler RD, you can take advantage of working one-on-one with me through our nutrition packages. We also offer individualized, RD prescribed meal plans that you can utilize as a guide for healthy & delicious meals for you and your family. Not only will these lessen the stress of knowing what to eat, but they will keep you from making those excuses to order in or run through the drive-thru. I’ll also be offering weekly tid-bits of nutrition-related tips on our Facebook page, and I encourage you to keep an eye out for my monthly blog post as well. Feel free to leave questions & comments on blog content, as well as topic suggestions for future posts! I'm here to help you find a way to get you and your health moving in a positive direction that you can stick with for the long haul!


Jenny Cutler is a registered dietitian at Mettler Center. Have a nutrition question? Ask the Expert or schedule a FREE 15-minute Meet the RD online or by calling (217) 356-6543.