Massage Therapy Month 2019

How can you celebrate massage month with us?

National Massage Therapy Awareness Week is October 20-26, but at Mettler Center, we like to celebrate massage therapy all month long! Here are 4 ways you can celebrate with us!
  1.  Attend a FREE Class
    Learn about the techniques we have in massage therapy such as Reiki and CranioSacral, and ways you can bring massage therapy to your family and friends! Reserve your spot by calling (217) 356-6543 or sign up at the front desk! 

  3. Follow us on Facebook! 
    Our massage therapists have been busy making special video interviews so you can get to know them by answering questions such as What was your nickname in highschool? and Where would you go if you were given $5,000? Also keep checking our Facebook page to see baby pictures of our massage therapists!
  4. Read Our Blogs
    Throughout the month of October, we will be releasing blogs written by our massage therapists with topics such as Self-Care at
  5. Book a Massage!
    Did you know massages have different health benefits such as reducing stress, improving sleep quality, boosting your mental and wellness health, and increasing your range of motion? If you've never had a massage before with a licensed massage therapist, now is the time!
    Members receive 10% off the guest price!