Massage Therapy Month

October 21-27 is the National Massage Therapy Awareness Week through the American Massage Therapy Association, but Mettler is celebrating it the whole month! Stop in and sign up for a free 10-minute mini-'ssage at the front desk! 

Massage Therapists Extended Interviews

The massage therapists know all about you and your life when you are on their table, but how much do you know about them? Did you know most of our massage therapists would prefer pizza over tacos? Or that Jami Taylor-Kohlmann can't live without coffee? Click on the links below to find out other tidbits about our massage therapists! 

Common Massage Questions Answered! 
Are you hesitant to book a massage because you are not sure what to expect? Listen to Cassandra Griffith's, a senior massage therapist at Mettler Center, radio interview with WDWS here and some of your questions will be answered! 
Q: Massage can be a new experience for some, and there tends to be lots of questions. What are some apprehensions people might have?
A: A lot of people are nervous; they don't know what to expect. I really take my time with the clients. I let them know what my expectations of them are and the massage in general. We talk about specific areas they want me to work on or avoid. For example, a lot of people do not like their feet touched, so I can customize it. I can definitely make it their own massage. 
Q: What are some common areas that people come see you for?
A: At Mettler Center, I get to see a bit of everything. I have people who come in because it's been a stressful week, and they just want to relax for a little bit. They come in for a 60-minute general massage. I also have people who maybe have had a knee replacement, and they have scar tissue build up. So, they need a little extra help loosening up that area. I see people from our physical therapists, and then I also see people who want to come in and enjoy the day.
Q: Should I work out before or after my massage?
A: This is a personal preference situation. My personal preference as your massage therapist, is you workout before your massage. The massage releases a lot of lactic acid that gets trapped in your muscle fibers. Working out also releases lactic acid. The intense workout/massage could be a lot for your body to handle, and it may get you feeling a little dizzy or nauseated. I tend to encourage people to do light stretching, like yoga or a slow pilates, instead of an extreme cardio or weight lifting. I think they get a lot more benefit that way. Also, what I've noticed through my own personal experiences, is that I tend to be a little sore after a workout, and the massage really helps with that!
Q: Should I shower before? What hygiene advice do you give?
A: As far as personal hygiene routines go, my biggest worry is how the client is feeling on the table. I do not want my client to be worrying about a little bit of stubble or the way they smell for 60 minutes. My general rule is: if you feel that it will distract you from enjoying your massage, go ahead and shave. We have showers at the Mettler Center, so if you want to rinse off real quick, it's not going to offend me either way. If a person is feeling self-conscious about a body part, the therapist can always do less work there or avoid the area completely.
Q: Can massage hurt a little bit at first and then go away?
A: Massage might be a little bit uncomfortable, but it should never be excruciatingly painful. So there is that line, and some people might be a little bit more sensitive. As a massage therapist, I am trained to recognize the signs if I am using too much pressure. I look for if someone is fighting me, and I might try and back off a little bit. I do communicate with my clients, I ask if the pressure is okay and if they need more or less. Deep tissue massages might be a little more uncomfortable, but even those are wonderful. The most important thing to do is to communicate with your massage therapist. Hopefully your massage therapist is communicating with you as well, and just keep that channel open. 
Q: Do you set up a treatment plan? Like how many times I should come in?
A: We work closely with the physical therapists and the personal trainers at the Mettler Center. Depending on what we decide on as a team, it can determine the frequency of massage. I have people who come in for regular maintenance, and that is suggested to happen once a month. It varies on a case by case basis. 
Q: At Mettler Center, you all work around one person and surround this person and customize it? That's one of the benefits of the Mettler Center, you don't have to go to five different places, it's all right there in the building.
A: Yes, that is exactly right! I always joke around that it is "one stop shopping" for your health. 
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