Local Speedskater Finds Success

Our Physical Therapy team has had the privilege of working with many elite athletes over the years. We would like you to meet local speedskater, Theron Sands, who shows us every setback is a chance to make an even greater comeback! In his own words, he explains he is even stronger after going through surgery and physical therapy rehabilitation.

I achieved success (second place overall and world champion of the 3000 and 5000 meter events, including breaking the 5000 meter world record six times in the last 12 months) at the World Masters Speedskating level at age 52.

I am convinced that working with Mettler Center Physical Therapy provided me with a valuable addition to my training regimen. Mettler Center Physical Therapy also guided me through a healthy recovery from the podiatric surgery I underwent in March of this year. I am fully recovered now and performing at an even higher level than I was when I won second place at the World Masters Speedskating competition in March two weeks prior to my surgery!

Thank you so much for all the care and attention that you have given me. I know that I am better off for having had my physical therapy at the Mettler Center.

- Theron Sands (age 52 Speedskating World Champion)  

We recently sat down with Theron Sands to learn more about his speedskating success and his experience with physical therapy at Mettler. Here's a video playlist of that interview.