Here’s the WDWS Saturday Morning segment with Scott Beatty and Jessie Rusteberg!

Hear from our newest massage therapist and learn about one of her specialities, working with essential oils.

1. Get to Know Jessie!

“I have been doing massage therapy for about 13 years now.”

Scott: What do you love about massage?

Jessie: “I love the challenge. I love that every body and every situation is different. I love the ability to problem solve and help someone at the same time.”

2. Learn about Essential Oils

They’re all very different with unique properties, such as:

  • Lavender—relaxation
  • Pepermint—stimulating effect
  • Citrus (lemon or orange) — energizing

“During a massage with the essential oils, you’re going to get both the aromatic benefits and the topical benefits.”

Jessie Rusteberg, LMT is a Massage Therapist at Mettler Center. 

Call 217-356-6543 to schedule a massage.

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