Laura Chiaramonte's Extended Interview

    "To be honest, my dancing and teaching is such a big part of my life, it's hard to say if I have any hobbies." 

    laura chiaramonte, Alexander technique teacher

    Get to know Laura a little more by reading her interview answers! 

    1. How were you first introduced to Alexander Technique?
      I was first introduced to the technique as a young dancer while receiving my BFA in Dance at The Ohio State University.
    1. How long have you been a student of Alexander? And a teacher?
      The technique has been a part of my dance and everyday practice for 20 years. I have been a teacher for 5 ½ years.
    1. What is one food you refuse to eat?
      I like to eat so all kinds of food but my favorite cuisine is Italian.
    1. What are your hobbies?
      This is always a hard question for me to answer. To be honest, my dancing and teaching is such a big part of my life, it’s hard to say if I have any hobbies.
    1. Would you say you are more of an extrovert or introvert?
    1. What is one place to travel on your bucket list?
    1. What do you like to do on the weekend or days off?
      Of course hang out with my wife and my dog, go on hikes, ride my bike, hang out in my garden.
    1. If you could have only one of the 5 senses, which one would you choose and why?
      It’s hard to pick, not one sense is less important than the other. I guess if I have to pick it would be touch. Touch is consider the first language. Touch enhances attachment; it can signify security ("You're safe; I'm here") and, depending on the type of touch, it can generate positive or negative emotions. Touch can be powerful especially used in apositive way.
    1. If you came back in a next life as an animal, which animal would you want to be and why?
      Octopus because the octopus is amazing and it lives in the sea.

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