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We have belonged to Mettler for 15–20 years. Mettler has continually exhibited the highest professionalism and attention to wellness. We've been participants of their excellent physical therapy department, enjoyed their first-rate group fitness classes, and have been frequent clients of their awesome massage therapy! You couldn't ask for any more when you're trying to get and stay healthy.

—Bonnie B.

Mettler Center reminds us not so much of what we can't do but of what we CAN do. Their mission, "to transform the lives of the people we serve" rings true for us. The quality of Mettler's staff and the quality of the wide variety of personal and group services are second to none. Thanks, Mettler, for what you do to "transform lives," ours included.

—Topper & Carol Steinman

Besides the facilities, the instructors are very supportive. I remember the first yoga class I took, I introduced myself as a newbie to the instructor and he was very supportive in establishing my own pace. I found that moving on to other classes was the same attitude, which only encourages one to return. The other important issue of joining a club is the “insecurity” one has on how you will be viewed, but I have not gotten that impression, whether you are a size 2 or 22, don’t have the latest fashion attire, or your age is not of the younger generation, there is a respect for who you are.

—Karen P.

Each time I finish a class (and I am at Mettler everyday) I marvel at the high quality of instructors on staff. Class leaders are qualified, sensitive and friendly. Emily, Megan, Leigh, Daniel, Brian Laura C., Peggy, Kristin and Mallory are superb. Thanks to front desk staff also. Cidnee and Jordan are so, so friendly. And of course Pete of FitForce. Thanks to Joy and all others involved in hiring.

—Judi Blaford

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