Most of the time, we think of shoes as a fashion accessory…

However, it is also important to remember that shoes are used to help support our body alignment, protect our feet, and make it so we can enjoy our favorite recreational activities. The proper shoes for our daily activities can be very important.

1. Consider Your Activity

Pick the shoe based on what sport or exercise activity you are interested in. 

For example, a hiking shoe will have more grip than a walking shoe so that you are able to grab onto rocks and uneven terrain. 

2. Create a Real Life Scenario

Try on shoes in the afternoon as our feet swell and you want to make sure that the shoe will be comfortable all day.

Bring your socks and orthotics with you when trying on a new pair of shoes for proper fit.

Make sure to stand up and walk around in the shoes to make sure your foot doesn’t slip.

3. Comfort is Everything

Make sure you can wiggle your toes in the shoe to assess if the toe box fit.


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