How To Get And Stay on Track

Living a healthy lifestyle is a privilege, but you will be required to make sacrifices along the way. So, how can you better equip yourself to stay true to your intentions?

You may have heard the phrase, the pain of discipline or the pain of regret. Ultimately, you will choose one.

Below are some simple questions to ask yourself so that the pain of discipline is not so “painful.”

1. Identify your WHY?

  • Why is living a healthy life important to me?
  • What important thing I am able to do because I have the necessary strength and endurance?
  • What is motivating me to make a commitment to health and fitness?

2. Find something you enjoy!

  • What type of physical activity do I gravitate toward?
  • Are there activities I haven't tried, which I may like?
  • What can I do to make my workouts more motivating/pleasurable?

3. Convenience is key

  • What time each day would make the most sense to exercise?
  • Would it be possible to sneak a workout into my lunch hour?

4. Set yourself up for success

  • What time of day do I have the most energy and feel my best?
  • Who can I ask to help keep me accountable?
  • Is there technology which could help keep me accountable or increase my motivation? (i.e. apps, wearable tech)
  • Could I reward myself for sticking to a plan?
  • What are the typical barriers I encounter? How can I overcome these barriers?

5. Make a plan

  • What is my day-by-day workout schedule this week?
  • Is my plan realistic?
  • Is my current plan working? What can I do to make it better?
  • Am I gradually building up to the level I'm ultimately aiming for?
  • Have I allowed for days of rest, recovery, or lighter activity?
  • Is my schedule balanced with strength, cardio, and flexibility integrated?

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