Hot Yoga in the Summer?

Think Hot Yoga is just for cooler days? Think again! There are multiple reasons to continue your hot yoga practice throughout the summer. We've listed a few.

  • Your muscles are already warmer and more pliable before class, taking even less time to reach those deeper stretches.
  • Maintaining practice will gain you an edge in other summer sports/exercises or outdoor activities you choose to do.
  • Appetites are suppressed during the summer meaning fewer bloated, heavy, and uncomfortable stomachs to interfere.
  • Instead of losing the all of flexibility gains you've realized through winter and spring, you'll progress further.
  • Hot Yoga encourages the good habit of staying well-hydrated, a great benefit during the hot summer months.
  • You'll more easily acclimate to the stifling temps. Practice often enough and the outdoor temps actually feel cool!
  • Summer days can leave us feeling fried or sluggish. Hot Yoga energizes our body and mind, leaving us feeling refreshed.

Are you ready to step up your practice? Our next session begins Monday, June 9th, 2014 and runs through July 28th, 2014. Learn more about Hot Yoga on Mondays.