Hot Yoga… With a 'Twist'

Stay warm this Winter 2015 in these heated classes with a creative twist.

Intro to Hot Yoga
Mondays 8pm, Kristina; All levels welcomed; 1/26 – 3/16/2015
For those new to yoga or who just enjoy moving at a slower pace, this class will focus on proper alignment and breathing techniques to gently open your body to lengthen muscles, increase mobility and relieve stress.

Go With the Flow
Mondays 9am, Rotating; Beginner – Intermediate; 1/26 – 3/16/2015
Explore an eclectic mix of asanas, flows and styles with a different format each Monday. You’ll journey through traditional postures and gentle flow to longer held poses and sun salutations. (Tot Spot available.)

Cycle & Restore
Thursdays 6:30pm, Emily; Intermediate – Advanced; 1/29 – 3/19/2015
Thirty minutes of powerful riding then into the studio for an hour of strength moves and stretching tight hips, hamstrings, and back. This fun and energizing workout will leave you drenched in sweat and wanting more.

Energize Your Tapas
Sundays 4:30pm, Andy; Beginner – Intermediate; 1/25 – 3/15/2015
A traditional vinyasa flow connecting breath and movement. Begin with sun salutations for warming (tapas) then longer holds for depth and focus. Balances, backbending, and inversions may complete the practices.

Body Sculpt
Sundays 6pm, Kathy; Advanced; 1/25 – 3/15/2015
This vinyasa style flow is enhanced by light weights to tone and build lean muscle mass and boost your metabolism. Set to energizing music, this class melds the detox of heat with the strengthening of power yoga.

8-weeks: $80 member, $96 non-member
Drop-in: $12 (If space is available.)
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Call 217-356-6543 or stop by Member Services.