Get to Know: Chelsea Roden

Check out this extended interview with personal trainer Chelsea Roden!

Backstory: where it all began

Q: Why did you become a personal trainer?
A: I love working with people and am fascinated with the human body. I always knew I wanted to make a positive impact in people’s lives someway, somehow. I love that personal training allows me to work with all walks of life and share my passion for health and fitness. I am also grateful that it allows me variety and flexibility in my work schedule.

Q: Where did your health and fitness journey begin?
AI grew up on a farm so I’ve been active for as long as I can remember. My parents would say I couldn’t go play with my friends until all my chores were done and the animals were taken care of. I started playing soccer and basketball around age 10 and continued to play up through college intramurals. In high school I fell in love with lifting weights and earned weight lifter of the year my senior year. In college, I learned so much about the body through my kinesiology studies and couldn’t wait to get out in the world and share my passion for health and fitness!

Q: What is your best health/fitness advice?
A: You can’t out train a bad diet. Working out is just as much mental as it is physical. In order to get what you want, you must commit yourself to something! You CAN do it!

Current: the here and now

Q: What's your favorite workout? 
A: Running and weight lifting!

Q: What's the fitness mantra you stand by?
A: Be happy, be well, be YOU! Do not fear your own greatness!

Q: How do you relax, de-stress and chill out? Or, where would we typically find you on Friday night?
A: Spending time with my best friend, my husband. Date night either out or staying in and cooking together.

Q: What’s one thing you can’t live without?
A: Coffee and workout clothes!

Q: What is your guilty pleasure?
A: A glass of red wine or an ice cold beer. Oh, and rice crispies!

Q: If you were to win an award, what would it most likely be?
A: Best Hugger!

Q: What moment are you most proud of in your life?
A: Right after college, I packed up my belongings into my VW Jetta and drove myself 3,000 miles away to the east coast. It was the greatest period of growth for me in my life thus far. Marrying my wonderful husband was definitely the happiest day of my life!

Q: People may not know you’re passionate about…
A: Three-Day Event-ing. I’m a HUGE horse lover!

Future: the best is yet to come

Q: What are some of your fitness goals?
A: Run a full marathon. Be happy and maintain a healthy lifestyle!

Q: What's something you've always wanted to try?
A: Parasailing, yoga on a surf board, climb or hike a major mountain.