Floored About Our Floor

Mettler Center is very excited to announce the installation of our new floor in Studio A.

This premium, real wood and "sprung" floor is ideally-suited for aerobic and dance classes. It has the "feel" preferred by professional dancers and has been the choice of many professional dance studios.

We are excited to be able to provide these improvements and thank you for your patience as it was being installed.

Here's a note from a member regarding the recent upgrade:

I wanted to send you a compliment on the new floor in Studio A. It's wonderful to belong to a small gym that is so well taken care of. For the past 16 years, I've been a regular member and have most definitely benefited from that.

Mettler Center is so much more than a gym. “Whole life fitness” is the perfect description of what you have to offer. The personal training, massages and dietitian are just a few of the services I've used. I'm enjoying the group classes, too, and find that all the instructors are VERY good.

—Karen Warfel