Physical therapy is a widely known resource for people looking to improve their well-being. Though physical therapy has become a common practice, a lot of people still have misconceptions about it—who should receive it and the purpose it serves. To shed light on this in-demand resource, Mettler Center delves into the facts about physical therapy patients often misunderstand.

There Are Several Physical Therapy Types

Physical therapy is more diverse than the average layperson may assume. PT includes categories that vary by ages and conditions. The most common types of physical therapy are:

  • Pediatric: focuses on building children’s strength and monitor growing pains
  • Geriatric: focuses on older patients and helps improve strength, balance, and posture
  • Orthopedic: this can range from post-surgical rehab to addressing injuries sustained from falls or accidents
  • Cardiovascular and Pulmonary: improves cardiovascular and pulmonary systems’ functions
  • Vestibular: helps manage inner ear problems that can cause dizziness
  • Neurological: Specializes in conditions that affect the brain and how the brain connects to the body

It’s Not Just for Post-Operation Rehabilitation

Physical therapy is highly effective for people after surgery to restore lost strength and mobility due to rest or tissue tightness.. However, PT is also available for people who have not undergone surgery, as indicated above. Physical therapy can help prevent the need for surgery, as it incorporates exercises that build strength and balance, two big-ticket items for injury prevention.

Quality PT Includes Many Techniques

Using versatile PT treatment options has shown more promise than one-dimensional approaches. Therapeutic exercise is the most popular method that therapists implement in their patients’ routines. When combined with hands-on care, patient education, and other techniques, a patient’s physical therapy journey becomes more efficient and effective.

Mettler Center PT in Various Settings

One of the facts about physical therapy patients often misunderstand is that physical therapy can occur in various settings.

At Mettler Center, our physical therapists personalize the setting that is most convenient for your situation. We offer telehealth to reach you at home and ergonomic workplace evaluations to view your work environment. Our therapists also perform on-site musculoskeletal assessments for school-aged athletes and CrossFit gyms. With a focus on education, Mettler Center patients can perform exercises and stretches at home to improve and hasten their recovery.

Mettler Center offers physical therapy in Champaign, IL. We take multifaceted approaches to accommodate each client’s needs so that they can get back to feeling their best. Physical therapy is an investment in your life and well-being, and we know how important it is to get back to the things you love doing most.

Mettler Center takes the utmost care to ensure patients receive individualized care in a safe environment. Contact us today to start your PT journey with a free pain consultation.