Don McKay: A Success Story

"Physical therapy has a significant place in improving how you feel!"—Don McKay

When Don was 15 years old he went on a week-long 50 mile canoe trip on the Boundary Waters in Northern Minnesota as a boy scout. Now 54 years later, Don was able to join his grandson and daughter for the same trip! "I made up my mind- I was going to do it, but I needed to prepare." So several months before his trip, he enlisted the help of Mettler Center personal trainer, Anthony, to help him build up the strength and endurance required. "I didn't want to slow anyone down," and he most certainly did not. The trip was strenuous but very doable after his training. This is impressive for Don, age 69, considering there were times when they carried their own gear, food, and canoe through the wilderness. "Mettler Center was the underpinning of being able to do this," said Don.

Don has not only benefited from personal training, but has also utilized Mettler's Physical Therapy services for ongoing issues with his elbow and neck. Thanks to Doctor of Physical Therapy, Jasmine Evans, he has made great strides in these areas as well. "Physical therapy has a significant place in improving how you feel!" says Don. By making health and wellness a priority, he has been able to live life to the fullest. Most recently, Don was able to join in on a family vacation white-water rafting trip on the French Broad River in North Carolina with grade four rapids.

So how did Don's Mettler journey begin? It all started in 2015 when Brian, his son, who teaches a cycling class at Mettler, invited his Dad to join his class. The ripple effect of that simple invitation and Don's willingness to step out to try something new has been very felt now years later. Mettler is like a "support facility to me- it is a social, welcoming, and challenging environment," says Don. 

Mettler is thankful for the McKay family and their support! We are excited for what the future holds and how many generations will be impacted!