Dear Members and Clients

"We invite you to be a part of our renewed focus at Mettler Center..."

As we near the end of 2019, we are beginning a transition centered on continued and innovative care that Mettler Center provides through the hands of physical therapists, massage therapists, and personal trainers.
Effective 1/1/2020, we will no longer offer Fitness Memberships (including SIlverSneakers) or Group Exercise classes.

We are forever grateful for the opportunity to employ those who have contributed whole heartedly to transform lives through our fitness memberships and classes.

Plans are in the works to expand our physical therapy, personal training, and massage services! The impact we are achieving through these services is tremendous! 

Our vision and mission is to pour our energy and resources into these offerings to better serve you.  

1. Stay Involved

We invite YOU to be a part of this new chapter at Mettler Center through personal training to maximize your fitness experience!

Those who utilize personal training will have complimentary gym access! There are many ways you can stay involved and connected through one-on-one, duet, and small group personal training for many years to come! There is nothing like having time set aside for a personal trainer to completely focus on helping you! This dynamic is powerful, it's life-changing.

2. Q & A

  • What happens to Silver Sneakers?
    We will honor Silver Sneakers memberships until the end of the year. Effective January 1, 2020, Mettler Center will no longer accept Silver Sneakers or any other fitness memberships. You can stay involved at Mettler by working with one of our personal trainers every other week to receive complimentary gym access, booking regular massage appointments, or scheduling a free consult to physical therapy.

  • Why is Mettler Center getting rid of fitness memberships?
    We are concentrating our focus to physical therapy, personal training, and massage in order to better serve the community. Tailored experiences and one-on-one attention is at the heart of what we do.  
  • Is Mettler Center going to close?
    No, actually quite the opposite. Mettler Center is growing and because of our secure foundation, we are able to evolve for a greater impact.
  • What will Mettler Center offer?
    We continue to offer everything besides fitness memberships and group exercise classes. We are excited to continue offering the community: physical therapy, massage therapy, personal training, rehab fitness, private lessons (Alexander Technique, Yoga/Pilates, Boxing, Tai Chi.) Be looking for additional program and offering development in the future.
  • How can I still remain at Mettler Center?
    We still have plenty of options for you to continue your health and wellness journey at Mettler Center. Starting January 1, 2020, we are offering complimentary gym access to those who see a personal trainer or schedule private lessons (Pilates, yoga, kickboxing/boxing, Tai Chi) at least every other week to optimize your time outside of your training sessions. Other ways to access the center are through massage and physical therapy appointments, but these do not allow access to the gym facilities.
  • Why should I see a personal trainer?
    With expert care and one-on-one attention, our trainers will work with you to meet your individual goals for your continued health and well-being. Those who schedule regularly, at least once every other week, will receive complimentary gym access to pursue your fitness goals and optimal health outside of the sessions with a trainer.
  • How often do I need to work with a trainer to receive gym access?
    Starting January 1, 2020, we will offer complimentary gym access to those who work with a personal trainer at least every other week.
  • Where do I go for a fitness membership?
    We are providing complimentary gym access to those who invest in personal training. We invite you to consider this option with a complimentary consultation with one of our eight trainers on staff. You can learn more about our staff here
  • What about group exercise classes?
    Please consider small group personal training or private yoga/Pilates lessons at Mettler Center as an alternative option.
  • When does my membership end?
    We will honor your fitness membership through December 31, 2019.
  • Will pricing on services be affected?
    Yes, pricing on massage and personal training will be streamlined so there will be one price point. We will no longer have separate member and guest pricing. We will inform you as more details are confirmed; however, current pricing will remain the same through all of 2019.

  • What about a refund?
    If a refund is not requested by January 31, 2020, your remaining membership balance will be applied as a credit on your account for other Mettler services
  • How much is personal training?
    Depending on which package you choose and how often you work with a trainer, personal training can be cheaper with more value than a regular gym membership. We have a variety of different options for you to consider to receive the expert guidance from one of our eight personal trainers and retain the use of the gym facilities.

    Personal Training Prices

    1 30-minute session: $40              1 45-minute session: $48
    5 30-minute sessions: $165         5 45-minute sessions: $220
    15 30-minute sessions: $415        10 45-minute sessions: $415

    BEST VALUE for one person: 15 30-minute sessions: $415
    Which brings the minimum to keep gym access, working with a trainer every other week, down to $14 a week or around $55 a month for seven and half months!

    1 45-minute session: $36*
    5 45-minute sessions: $170*
    10 45-minute sessions: $310*

    3 people: 10 45-minute sessions: $230*
    4 people: 10 45-minute sessions: $175*
    5 people: 10 45-minute sessions: $140*

    BEST VALUE for groups: 5 people: 10 45-minute sessions: $140*
    This is only $7 per week or $28 per month to have monthly complimentary gym access.
    *price is per person

    Before you purchase a package, schedule a free 30 minute personal training consult to meet your potential trainer and discuss why personal training is right for you.

3. More questions?

We will have more answers as time goes on; your patience will be greatly appreciated as this is a process. We also want you to feel safe in asking us the hard questions which will inevitably help you move into the next chapter. Our staff is here to support you. Please feel free to reach out to Joy Sheehan at or by calling 217-356-6543