Changes in our routines often come with changes in our health.

Since the beginning of the Pandemic, many people have found that their activity levels have significantly declined.

Everyday life has significantly changed for many people and a frequent complaint I have heard from patients is that they are really struggling to get back into a regular fitness routine.

Here is what I use with my patients to start boosting their daily movement and creating a progressive fitness routine that will work for their schedule and lifestyle:

Take an honest look at where you are right now.

Ask yourself

  • What do you like?
  • What areas would you like to improve?

Meet yourself where you are at.

  • What movement-based activities do you enjoy?
  • What is a realistic starting point?
  • How much time can you designate for exercise right now?

Boost movement in your everyday life.

  • If you have a desk job, can you take postural relief breaks?
  • Can you get up and move for a few minutes intermittently throughout your day?
  • Make a list of your priorities and set specific actions to reflect the goals.

If you want a second look at your goals, or assistance in setting specific, realistic goals, make a free consultation so we can go over them together.

Any amount of exercise and any movement is better than nothing!

Moving does wonders for your health!

  • improved immune system function
  • increased strength, balance, range of motion, coordination
  • decreased joint pain and stiffness
  • bone density maintenance
  • heart and lung health
  • improved quality of sleep
  • improved cognitive function
  • improved mood
  • increased energy

Where to start.

It’s always a good idea to get physician clearance before beginning a new exercise program.

If you have any injury concerns, nagging, or acute pain with activity, physical therapy would be the best place to start. We offer free consults for anyone who has any musculoskeletal concerns.

Check out some options.

With so many people working from home and children doing distance learning, many people are opting for home exercise options.

  • Virtual Personal Training Sessions
  • YouTube videos

Be kind to yourself. 

Celebrate the small victories!

Went for a walk on your lunch break today? Great!
Got up 10 minutes earlier to fit in an exercise video? Wonderful!
Played tennis after work? Keep it up! 

All of the movement adds up! And remember, any activity is better than none!

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Deanna Moccia, PT, DPT  is a licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy at Mettler Center. 

Call 217-398-9800 to schedule a free 30-minute consultation with a physical therapist.

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