Post date: Apr 26, 2011
There are thousands of different running shoes out there and picking the right shoe can be extremely difficult. Many people often choose a shoe based on how it looks or if it is on sale, but it is critical for runners to find a shoe that fits properly to prevent injury. A little investment in time and effort for finding the best running show will help keep you comfortable and injury-free.
Post date: Apr 25, 2011
With the annual Christie Clinic Illinois Marathon this coming Saturday, April 30, it seemed appropriate to make this week's theme ...
Post date: Apr 21, 2011
There is still a great deal of debate as to whether organic foods are better than conventional. Research has yet to prove that these foods are actually more healthy for us to consume. Foods labeled "100% organic" are free of hormones, pesticides and other chemical agents. However, the catch is that they are more susceptible to naturally occurring toxins. Not to mention, organic foods are often more expensive and can be harder to find.
Post date: Apr 20, 2011
Eating breakfast jump-starts your body and mind for the day ahead. When you start off your day, your body needs fuel; if you don't eat shortly after you wake up, you start to feel fatigued and have difficultly concentrating and problem-solving.

Additionally, studies show that without eating breakfast, people are much more susceptible to cravings and are less likely to make healthy choices in the morning and throughout the day. Those who skip a...
Post date: Apr 19, 2011
It is true that you do save on calories by using fat-free dressing, but many of these dressings are loaded with sugar to make up for the loss of fat. The vegetables in salad are rich in lycopene and beta-carotene. However, your body can't fully absorb these without the addition of some fat. In one study, people eating full-fat salad dressing absorbed ...
Post date: Apr 18, 2011

First of all, welcome to the launch of Mettler Center's new blog, The Mett. This is a very exciting opportunity for Mettler Center to get involved in social media and provide current and potential new...