Post date: Jun 30, 2011
Almost 30 percent of women have tried a detox diet because it worked for a celebrity. But they say they never will again because they were starving the whole time.

If you have a big event coming up soon and you want to drop a few pounds, skip...
Post date: Jun 29, 2011

Cravings. We all get them, whether or not we are on a diet. The urge to splurge can happen for a variety of reasons: we are stressed, depressed or simply have been depriving ourselves. The important thing is to channel WHY we are having those cravings and what we can do instead of giving into the urge full-force.

Follow a schedule
Thirst can play a huge role in cravings, just as much as hunger can. "Eating every three to four hours and drinking water...
Post date: Jun 28, 2011
Your friends may actually be dangerous to your diet. One in four women say a friend has tried to sabotage their weight-loss efforts. If a friend of yours is a diet derailer, they may be envious of your success, says Keri Gans, R.D., author of The Small Change Diet.
To save your friendship AND your diet, the next time you have lunch or dinner out, pick the place instead of letting your friend do it. Choose a restaurant that has tasty, healthy options you can both...
Post date: Jun 27, 2011
Diet. The dreaded 4-letter word that has become synonymous with failed New Year's resolutions, celebrity-endorsed programs and deprivation of your favorite foods. There are many people who have succeeded in achieving weight loss on a diet and kept the pounds off; however, for many, the diet is just a short-term solution for them to lose some weight, only to find it creep slowly back on (and, often time, accompanied by a few extra pounds that weren't there in the first place)....
Post date: Jun 23, 2011

Name: Joy Sheehan
Position: Manager of Fitness and Wellness, Group Exercise Coordinator

Post date: Jun 21, 2011
Name: Bart Lindsay
Position at Mettler Center: Personal Training Coordinator
Years at Mettler Center: 7+ years
Post date: Jun 20, 2011
This week's posts will feature 5 different Mettler Center staff members. Our interviews with the staff will give you a glimpse into their personal life, hobbies, healthy (and not so healthy!) habits, as well as their recommendations on living life to the fullest. We take a great deal of pride in our staff and feel they are excellent representations...
Post date: Jun 17, 2011
Researchers who have been monitoring nutritional intake for over 30 years have noticed something: as we've come to consume more added sugars as part of our food, our body weights have gone up. Even worse, studies suggest that added sugars amount to as much as 25% of the caloric intake of children and teenagers.
Obviously, we are probably not going to completely eliminate all sugars from our diets. However, it is important that we monitor our sugar intake and...