Post date: Jul 15, 2011
9. Walk
"If you enjoy walking and haven't exercised for awhile, 10 minutes three times a day will give you 30 great minutes of exercise," says Klein.
Use a pedometer, and work up to at least 10,000 steps a day. "Nobody starts out with 10,000 steps," Klein says. Find out what your daily average is, and the next week, strive to walk 300 extra steps each day. Increase your steps each week.
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Post date: Jul 14, 2011
7. Log your activity
Write down the things that are important to you. It could be how much time you exercise each day, how many steps you walked, how far you ran or cycled, what you weighed, etc.
Some people make a game of it. you may have heard of runners calculating the miles it would take to run from their homes to Boston (home of the famous marathon), figuring how far they run in an average week and setting a target date for "...
Post date: Jul 13, 2011

5. Exercise on your way home from work

In yesterday's post, we recommended working out first thing in the morning to get things out of the way. However, the next best thing to exercising in the morning is to do it on your way home from work, Klein says.
"Don't go home first," she says. "I learned that the hard way. There aren't a lot of people who are so motivated that after they go home and change clothes will go...
Post date: Jul 12, 2011
3. Make exercise a priority
"It has to be a non-negotiable task," says Roy Stevens.
He began exercising to manage his weight when he was in the Air Force band. "We'd travel and other guys would get off the bus and go eat wings and rink beer. I'd go running." He's maintained the exercise habit even during his year working 70 hours a week as a restaurant owner.
There's another...
Post date: Jul 11, 2011
Let's face it: it's not all that difficult to start a fitness routine. After all, most of us have done it more than once in our lives. The trouble, of course, comes with sticking with it. All too often, our initial enthusiasm and energy fades away, we get distracted by other things going on in our lives, or we don't think we're seeing results quickly enough - and we simply throw in the towel and stop altogether.

Yet many people manage to hang in their...
Post date: Jul 7, 2011

Among the big burger-based chains, McDonald's is leading the...

Post date: Jul 6, 2011

Buffet-style Chipotle gives every customer complete control over...

Post date: Jul 5, 2011
Who hasn't unwrapped a sandwich while driving down the highway or pulled a hard U-turn into a fast food joint on the way home from a late meeting or soccer game? We practically live in our cars these days, so we need quick food - and please, we'd like it to be healthy.
Health magazine surveyed the nation's 100 largest fast food chains, as defined by the number of locations, and found that many are creating menus that look more and more like what we'd...
Post date: Jul 1, 2011

After lunch, women are ready for...more food. Thirty-eight percent say they eat the most during the afternoon hours. Another 31 percent wait until they get home from work to start munching. Only 10 percent eat more in the morning than any other time of day.