After December 4, 2020, Mettler Center will only offer physical therapy services.  Read More

Additional Services 

Mettler’s one-on-one services for whole-life fitness will no longer be available after December 4, 2020.



Wellness Offerings

We have many additional services to offer you to meet your lifestyle.

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Alexander Technique

A method to unlearn postural habits which cause pain.

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Private Boxing/Kickboxing

Learn to punch, kick, and move like a fighter (will be back 6/1)

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Private Yoga

Practice of poses for a union of mind, body, and spirit.

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Private Pilates

Core focused on flexibility and stability.

Laura Chiaramonte performing alexander technique on a student

Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique is an educational method in which you learn to recognize potentially harmful movement habits and adapt them toward safer and healthier ones to move more freely and decrease pain
curtis in boxing gloves

Private Kickboxing & Boxing

Gain overall fitness and athletic conditioning by using training techniques and basic skills from boxing, kickboxing, and traditional martial arts. Students will learn how to punch, kick, and move like a fighter.

private yoga instruction

Private Yoga

Private yoga is available virtually and in-person!

Enjoy private yoga customized to your individual goals and abilities, at times which suit you best. Work with an experienced yoga instructor to:

  • Get started in yoga
  • Deepen your current practice
  • Focus on personal interests, goals, skills
  • Address injury or therapeutic concerns
  • Develop a personalized home routine.
woman exercising with a pilates move

Private Pilates

Private mat-based Pilates catered to you and your goals—be it better posture, increased body awareness, core strength, or flexibility. Private Pilates lessons are appropriate for beginning/fundamentals all the way up to the advanced students.


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How does virtual yoga work?

Using a video platform, we make the process simple and stress-free where you can work with your private yoga instructor from the comfort of your own home. Try it out and see what you think with a free virtual consultation!

What happens in an Alexander Technique lesson?

Your teacher instructs you—with verbal and manual guidance—to approach movement differently. You will learn to recognize habit patterns that may be interfering with ease and flexibility and you’ll learn how to discontinue them. No special clothing needed—normal street attire is appropriate.

There are two parts to a lesson:

  1. Table work  
    To more easily experience the body’s muscles in a neutral state, part of the lesson takes place lying down (fully-clothed) on a lightly padded table—on your back with your knees bent. Your teacher will teach you how to recognize and release any unnecessary tension you may be holding, promoting an enlivened sensory awareness and quieting the nervous system. You are an active participant: your eyes are open and conversation takes place.
  2. Guidance during activity
    Using simple activities such as sitting, standing, walking, speaking and reaching, your teacher gives you verbal, visual and physical cues to help you perform those activities with greater ease and efficiency. Guiding you in movement, your teacher will elicit your body’s capacity for dynamic expansion and you will learn how to maintain that ease and freedom on your own. What you learn applies to all activities in your life, but you are welcome to work with your teacher on particular activities of interest such as lifting and carrying, computer work, public speaking, your favorite sport or even sleeping position. Actors may choose to work on a monologue, singers an aria, violinists a challenging passage, dancers a movement. In any activity you bring to a lesson—swinging a tennis racket, lifting a child or sitting in front of a computer—you learn to apply the principles of the Alexander Technique to reduce compression and increase overall ease and proficiency.
What can I expect if I come to Mettler Center?

We have a waiver that we will be asking all clients to sign. Your instructor/ teacher will do a temperature check prior to starting your session.

We ask that you:

  • wear a mask,
  • maintain social distancing,
  • bring your own towel and water bottle.

The touchless refillable water stations will be available to all, but we ask that you do not drink out of the water fountains. The locker room and showers will not be available for use at this time.  The restrooms are available for use and there’s a place to put your belongings.

How will social distancing be maintained?

Only personal trainers and physical therapists with their respective clients/patients and essential office staff will be in the building. We are continuing to suspend extracurricular gym access to minimize traffic and stay in compliance with state guidelines.

What are your cleaning practices?

Our facility is CDC compliant.

  • Surfaces in the waiting areas and in the studios are regularly being wiped down and sanitized.
  • All staff washes their hands in-between clients using soap and water, and are regularly using hand sanitizer.
  • All gym surfaces (to include door handles, fitness equipment, etc) are being sprayed daily with virucide disinfectant.
  • Fitness staff is cleaning equipment between clients and washing hands repeatedly.
  • Disinfectant wipes, sprays, and hand sanitizer are available throughout the facility for clients to use at any time.

Meet Your Teacher

Our instructors are here for you.


Laura Chiaramonte

Laura Chiaramonte

Alexander Technique Teacher, Yoga Instructor

Curtis Jacobs-Jackson

Curtis Jacobs-Jackson

Kickboxing/ Boxing Instructor

Emily Sawlaw

Emily Sawlaw

Yoga Instructor, Pilates Instructor, Personal Trainer

Lei Shanbhag

Lei Shanbhag

Yoga Instructor


Practicing what I learn through the Alexander Technique has gotten me in touch with ALL the parts of my body. I’ve learned how I hold tension, especially in my neck, shoulders, and legs, and how to easily release this tension allowing me greater freedom of movement. Now I’m able to do daily activities like walking, sitting and exercising much more easily with less aches and pains. Plus, my posture has improved a lot! Thanks, Laura, for your instruction and kindness!


I had always wanted to try Alexander Technique…I did not realize until I started working with her [Laura Chiaramonte], how much my posture had deteriorated over the years, and it was also extremely helpful to discover how the low backaches
I’ve had from time to time are entirely caused by poor posture, and they disappear if I can remember my Alexander lessons. A bonus is I find individual sessions more relaxing than a massage (that may not be true for everyone, I realize). All in all, it’s been extremely helpful!



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Mettler’s additional services will no longer be available after December 4, 2020.

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