Using a personal trainer is one of the best, most exciting ways to realize your potential. Here are five excellent reasons you should consider investing in yourself. 

1. Receive Accountability & Support

Scheduling a specific time and having someone counting on you to be there makes skipping workouts a rare occurrence. Personal trainers are here for you. They are successful when you are! Allowing them to encourage, mentor, and guide you in your fitness journey may be the best decision you ever make!

2. Develop a Routine & Fresh Perspective

Sometimes we know what to do, but we get bored. Other times, we may not have a clue where to begin. Either way, a personal trainer can set you on the right path!

Personal trainers are continuous learners and part of their job is awareness of new finding in exercise and health sciences. How nice to have a go-to expert that can answer your questions!

3. Learn Proper Technique & Injury Prevention

Personal trainers have plethora of exercises in their toolbox. Combining this knowledge with an understanding of your individual needs and restrictions you get the advantage of an optimal workout to increase fitness while minimizing wear-and-tear on the structures of the body. We could always use an extra set of eyes making sure our bodies are moving how they should be.

4. Maximize Your Time

 Your body adjusts to the demand you place on it. So, an exercise routine ideally needs to be switched-up at least every six weeks to avoid plateauing. Personal trainers are can guide your exercise progression over time.

5. Reach Your Goals

Research shows that those who choose to work with a personal trainer do accelerate their results! Personal trainers are as diverse as the people they work with.

In addition, they can focus on a variety of goals with their clients. Improving your golf game, balance/flexibility, strengthening, speed/agility are just a few. 

See what personal training can do for YOU! Mettler Center offers one-on-one, duet, or small group personal training. Schedule a free consult today to learn more!

Bart Lindsay MS, CPT, CES, CAFS, 3DMAPS is the Personal Training Coordinator at Mettler Center.

Call 217-356-6543 to schedule a free 30-minute consultation with a personal trainer.

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