4 Reasons to Try Water Fitness

Water Fitness is typically seen as an activity for older adults and those who may be pregnant; however, water fitness has much to offer everyone. We are challenging you to consider what you may be missing out on if you don't give Water Fitness a try!

  1. Low-Impact Exercise
    Water's buoyancy makes you feel lighter and your joints will thank you because they are not absorbing the same impact as they do on land. In fact, Water Fitness is the number one recommended activity for those with joint pain.
  2. Buoyancy
    Water supports the body in every position so you don't have to worry about falling.
  3. Challenging Strength Training
    Water offers resistance in all directions, compared to land exercises where you work only against gravity. The simplest movements (kicking or cupping the water) now demand much more from your body. Water Fitness, which is primarily done in the vertical position, maximizes resistance and results in a total body workout.
  4. It's FUN!
    As temperatures are climbing, it becomes very appealing to dip into any body of water. Water Fitness enables you to exercise outdoors during extreme temperatures which would otherwise limit your activity. Not to mention, Water Fitness provides a unique and enjoyable environment for all ages and skill levels. What better way to mix up your workouts than by trying out Water Fitness?

Ready to try out Water Fitness? Mettler Center will be offering 13-weeks of Water Fitness, Water Yoga and Water Zumba at Indian Acres Swim Club in Champaign. Our Summer Pass includes 90 sessions at only $200!

Purchase the Summer Pass online or at Member Services. Or, you can purchase a 10-class punch card. Please call 217-356-6543 to learn more about our Water Fitness classes.