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At the Mettler Center, we want you to succeed and live a healthy fulfilled life. Jenny Cutler will meet you wherever you are on your health journey and support your progress in working toward your goals. 

"My goal is to help you break free of the restrictions, rules, and feelings of deprivation that years of dieting does to us. I want you to learn to develop a healthy relationship with food by ditching that diet mentality and actually enjoy what you eat! No counting calories, points, or setting limits with yourself - we will work to build sustainable long-term practices by listening to your internal cues to guide your food choices. Using self-care & compassion, we will work on becoming more in tune with the thoughts, emotions, and sensations that are present in your life in order to better understand these and feel confident with your food choices & eating habits.
My support doesn’t stop there. If you find yourself suffering from a chronic condition that impacts your nutritional needs or food tolerances, my individualized approach allows me to work with you and create ways to find your best health!" —Jenny Cutler, RD

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Our philosophy:

Lifestyle Approach
Sustainability is key with your individual preferences and goals in mind for better outcomes and lasting results.


Savor Each Bite
We love food and we think you should too! It is all about balance and developing a healthy and positive relationship with food.


Centered On You
This is a judgment free zone where one size doesn’t fit all. We strive to find a way for you to still enjoy the foods you love while achieving goals of improved nutrition and health.


Nutrition YOUR Way

You can be both busy and healthy! We know every day is different and you need flexibility and convenience. That is why we offer the option of in-person, virtual, e-mail, or phone for all the support and coaching you receive through our nutrition program!


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