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Enhance your heart health and build endurance with our vast selection of cardio classes. All classes are designed to meet our participant’s needs and fitness levels. No two classes are alike, or canned by a franchise. Our instructors add variety to each class by designing their own formats with the Mettler philosophy of safety, body form, and alignment being our main priority.

Group fitness classes are included in membership, but you don't have to be a member to take a class. Guests may take part in classes through the use of group fitness packages.

Breathless (30 minutes)
Experience a different cycle class focusing on RPM’s, intensity levels and heart rate. This 30-minute ride is guaranteed to leave you breathless. Come get a quick and effective cardio workout in, then go about your day. For those who have a heart rate monitor, you are encouraged to wear them.

Cardio Dance Fit (45 minutes)
Very similar to the popular Zumba class, but with added cardio. Enjoy the popular music while dancing to easy to follow moves. A very fun class while getting a good workout and sweat on.

Complete Mix (45 minutes)
If you love variety, this class is for you. Complete Mix combines great strength moves with high-intensity cardio, all in a circuit format. Tone your body with a collection of different moves, keeping you on your toes and moving.

Complete Cycle Circuit (45 minutes)
A great cardio workout for all levels of fitness. Performed on a stationary bike, but with the added bonus of a strength training component off the bike. Please grab a mat and set of heavy weights at the start of class.

Cycling (45–55 minutes)
One of our most popular classes, and a fantastic cardio workout for all levels of fitness. Performed on a stationary bike, this class introduces proper cycling technique in a motivating and challenging format.

Core Cycling (45–55 minutes)
Come and enjoy a total body workout for all fitness levels. Performed on a stationary bike, you dicate the speed and intensity while riding to the beat of the music.

Full Body Challenge (50 minutes)
A challenging and fun workout that combines a variety of low-impact cardio sequences with strength training, core work, and functional fitness ending with a yoga-based stretch.

Fusion (50 minutes)
This class is not for beginners. A fusion of strength and cardio that takes you to the next level! Basic strength exercise and athletic drills are mixed with indoor cycling, running, and circuit training in this fast-moving, no-nonsense class.

Intro to Cycling (30 minutes)
Have you ever wondered what's so amazing about cycling? This class is great for beginners or someone who wants just a half hour workout. Work as hard as you want. Go at your own pace or level.

Power Hour Cycling (60 minutes)
Challenge your fitness level with this full-hour cycling class. This is very much like our traditional cycling class—just more of it! Enjoy!

Zumba® (40 minutes)
Zumba fuses hypnotic Latin rhythms and easy-to-follow moves to create a one-of-a-kind fitness class that will blow you away. Achieve long-term benefits while having an absolute blast.

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