What is Reiki?

The Japanese word itself means Universal Life Energy. Rei means “universal.” In the kanji of Rei, the upper section correlated to the spiritual realms, the middle relates to mind, body and soul, and the lower section relates to earth. Ki is the life energy. It is also known as Chi, Prana, Holy Spirit. Scientifically, we refer to Ki as bio-field energy. This is the force that flows through all living beings, causing them to be alive. Reiki is always used only in the name of the highest good. When your energy is low or blocked, you are more susceptible to illness and disease. When your energy is high and balanced, you are less likely to be sick and are more grounded. This ancient healing practice was originally seen as too sacred to record. Masters would verbally educate their students and pass down the gift through generations. It was rediscovered and then recorded in 1922 by Mikao Usui. The technique of Reiki is extremely simple, even though this is a very powerful form of healing. Energy flows through by laying hands on different energy centers. 

What benefits does Reiki provide?
  • supports the body's ability to heal itself
  • cleanses the body of poisons
  • re-establishes a spiritual and mental equilibrium
  • revitalizes the body and soul

By adjusting itself to the patient, Reiki presents a powerful state of relaxation in order to loosen, clear and balance blocked or weak energy spots. Reiki works on every level of mind, body, spirit and can also be used on plants and animals.  When Reiki is administered, the client is brought back to a state of order and harmony, not only within himself but within the universe as well. This balancing energy flows through every cell in the body, inducing a wholeness that encourages the natural healing abilities that we all possess. Reiki can never cause damage in any way. 

What happens during a session?
After the receiver gets comfortable lying down, the practitioner grounds and protects themselves. This is so the transfer of energy can be purely Reiki energy, not the individual's personal energy. Beginning at the head (crown chakra), the practitioner scans the receiver’s energy, by gently moving their hand over the body. The scan is done on the right and left sides, from head to toe. Sometimes, a pendulum will be used to understand the flow of energy as well. This helps the practitioner understand where buildups, blockages, gaps, and balances may be. 
Again beginning at the crown, the practitioner places their hands on the receiver’s head, allowing the flow of energy to begin. Many report sensations of heat or cold, as well as immediate feelings of comfort, peace, love, and relaxation. Each of the 7 chakras will be treated by placing hands for about one to eight minutes. Energy is sometimes pulled out or brushed off of the energy body by the practitioner moving their hands over blockages. These gaps are then filled in with Reiki. 
Following the treatment, we like to sit and talk with our clients, report to them what we picked up and were called to treat, as well as hear their experience of Reiki. No two sessions are ever the same. 


Q: Can I do Reiki on myself at home?
A: One must first be attuned to Reiki in order to allow the energy to flow through. This is done through a certifying class where a Master Teacher raises the student’s vibration to hold the power of Reiki. Once you have done this you can practice self-care at home or anywhere! 
Q: Can I use Reiki with my religion?
A: Absolutely! Reiki is Universal and only works for the highest good. Sometimes people associate energy work with the supernatural, magik, voodoo, spell-casting, etc. Reiki will never flow for evil or dark workings. This treatment only involves the boundless, greatest good. The energy of life itself is infinite and can never be destroyed or lost. The energy of life flows exactly the way it needs to, in harmony, in order to allow for the greatest ways of living. Reiki is that energy of life. Limitless, infinitely good.
Q: As the receiver, what do you want me to do to help?
A: Lay down, relax, focus on your breathing. As thoughts come into your mind, simply notice that they are there, but still mentally tell yourself to breathe in and out and follow the natural rhythm of your breathing. If a memory, a sudden notion, a feeling, arises, take note of it, but come back to your breathing. These feelings are from stored experiences and their release from your energetic body. Some clients drift off to sleep, while others find they are able to maintain a somewhat calmer headspace than usual.
Q: What should I expect to feel?
A: Due to the fact that different people need different things at different times and that everyone is unique, no two sessions are alike. Some report feelings of happiness, euphoria, bliss. Some with feelings from their childhood, sense of security or comfort. Visions are common though not everyone senses in the same way. People may hear, smell, taste, feel or see things from their memories. It is commonly reported during sessions that clients feel an immediate warmth and a sense of relaxation. Repressed feelings of sadness or anger may arise, but it is very important to allow yourself to feel these things and not push them down again, as they are trying to come up and out to be released. Some people also feel nothing at all. This does not mean that Reiki is not working. The client just may not have sensed anything, and that is perfectly okay.
The next few days following your treatment will allow you to feel energy-high. You will be bubbly and happy, have the vitality and strength to do what you need to do. You will feel more connected to yourself and the world around you. We highly suggest using a journal for the following week, as well as going easy on yourself, drinking a lot of water, and eating more natural and balanced foods.
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